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yanaginagi – Laterality November 18, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Laterality
  2. Shinjitsu no Hane
  3. link
  4. Laterality (instrumental)
  5. Shinjitsu no Hane (instrumental)
  6. link (instrumental)

1. Laterality

Hey, something upbeat and unique from Nagi!  After the last two singles, I wasn’t expecting Nagi to jump at the chance for something heavy and abstract like Laterality.  It kind of slightly reminds me of school food punishment, but less synthy and more focus on guitars and the bandwork.  I was pleasantly surprised by this track and for good reason…it’s edgy and cool and Nagi sounds so good here!

2. Shinjitsu no Hane

If you were looking for more of what Nagi was doing since her debut, then Shinjitsu no Hane might be more of your thing because it’s very ethereal and spacey in its construction.  I kind of like this woozy feel since it just relaxes your mind (makes for great background music as well).  Add Nagi’s soft vocals and it’s just a smooth-sailing track. 

3. link

I guess you can apply what I said about “Shinjitsu no Hane” here as well but not so much ethereal.  It’s actually quite experimental for her since there’s some odd things like the bleeps and bloops of the song and then phones ringing and a lot of filtering as well.  It’s unique for Nagi…just like the A-side….sweet deal…this song to me is a bit odd…but it’s quirky in its own way.



Nagi’s 3rd single appears and I’m just loving the hell out of Laterality since it’s edgy and rockin and almost sounds like it was a supercell production.  Since it isn’t, I’m even more impressed.  Shinjitsu no Hane is more of what we’ve heard from her in the last two singles which is consistent and still sounds spooky but cool.  link is something else and I like that it stood out to me the most on the single alongside Laterality.  This is her best single yet!!! *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “yanaginagi – Laterality”

  1. Spade Says:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! Your mention of School Food Punishment was the main reason I checked this single out. This is my first exposure to Nagi, and the way she uses her voice makes everything sound a bit like School Food Punishment to me, which is a good thing in my book.

    I really loved the combination of jazzy piano and rocky guitars & drums on Laterality, and then when her singing comes in WHOA SFP DUDE – seriously, I’m trying to think of which SFP song the chorus reminds me of. I’m starting to appreciate the song more on its own, and not just an echo of SFP, but this is definitely a welcome echo of their sound since they broke up.

    That goes double for Shinjitsu no Hane – I love the contradictory way the accompaniment feels calm and gentle yet also angular and disjointed. And the verses make me want to listen to Air Feel, Color Swim again.

    And link feels like a mix of gently quirky, off-kilter stuff from MEG’s aquaberry and Aki Toyosaki’s solo work. I like the minimalistic production and Nagi’s touch on the vocals, lovely. (The phones ringing definitely confused me at first, as I was listening to this at work, wondering who had an old desk phone ringing, d’oh!)

    It’s also really interesting listening to the instrumental tracks, to hear how different these songs sound without the vocals. Nagi’s voice is a major factor in shaping and influencing the overall sonic landscape of these tracks. (And Shinjitsu no Hane sounds like it’d be *really* difficult to karaoke!)

    Thanks again for the recommendation! I’ll be sure to check out her other stuff.

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