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Mayu Watanabe – Hikaru Monotachi November 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Hikaru Monotachi
  2. Chiheisen no Kanata wa Doko ni Aru? -Beyond the horizon- (Type A only)
  3. Heart no Soup (Type B only)
  4. 2-ri no Yoake (Type C only)
  5. Koi wo Funjatta (Regular & Limited only)
  6. Sayonara no Hashi
  7. Hikaru Monotachi (Instrumental)
  8. Chiheisen no Kanata wa Doko ni Aru? -Beyond the horizon- (Instrumental)
  9. Heart no Soup (Instrumental)
  10. 2-ri no Yoake (Instrumental)
  11. Koi wo Funjatta (Instrumental)
  12. Sayonara no Hashi (Instrumental)

1. Hikaru Monotachi

Mayuyu kicks her third single off with Hikaru Monotachi which is a departure from what we’ve heard so far in her solo career throwing her idol pop ways for more of a VOCALOID-inspired arrangement and I’m going to be honest, I was expecting this kind of sound ever since she started her solo career.  Funny enough, I do find that this is her best A-side yet since it’s catchy and is more catered to what I like and it suits her nicely.  It’s just a really solid track and Mayuyu sounds great (despite being heavily auto-tuned and computerized).

2. Chiheisen no Kanata wa Doko ni Aru? -Beyond the horizon-

So the first B-sides are all different considering which version of the single you buy.  We begin with Type A’s track.  After “Hikaru Monotachi” I really wanted more of that, but Mayuyu went backwards and gave us more of the idol feel.  It does have a certain march quality and the addition of the brass is kind of cute in a way, but I really don’t remember much of the song.  Not even Mayuyu’s performance was really memorable.  In a way, the song could be cute and I do get holiday vibes but it’s very light.

3. Heart no Soup

The whole holiday vibe seems to be caked on more with Heart no Soup since it’s a bit more joyous and happy-go-lucky which is a pretty nice thing to listen to.  Mayu also sounds like she’s generally more interested in this song than she was in the previous track…so this was a pretty good B-side.

4. 2-ri no Yoake

Type C’s song is kind of more of what I heard from her last two singles which is OK, but it’s a bit cheesy sounding which I guess is its charming point.  I love the bouncy nature of the song and it just screams super cutesy from her which is true facts lol.

5. Koi wo Funjatta

Found on the Regular and Limited editions, Koi wo Funjatta takes the place of B-side but strangely enough it feels like being ripped off as it’s under 3 minutes.  Unlike “2-ri no Yoake”, this has more of a bland arrangement for it and it sounds like it could be a B-side for SKE or AKB to be honest.  I don’t know but I’m just not really into this one x.x

6. Sayonara no Hashi

Found on all editions, the actual B-side is a ballad oddly enough and I found that to be an interesting thing to see.  It sounds like it wants to be another “Saba no Kanzume” but the biggest difference is that Mayuyu here kept her higher pitch going unlike the latter song.  It’s not a bad song and it has a feeling of dread that I like…I just wish she sung this in a lower range tbh…



Mayuyu’s 3rd single does somewhat expand her horizons a little bit more.  I found that Hikaru Monotachi is her best A-side yet.  Something about Mayu and electropop sounds intriguing and it fits here quite nicely.  Sadly the rest of the single was kind of a bust.  Heart no Soup and on a lesser scale, Sayonara no Hashi are about average (the former above average) but the other three songs are just kind of plain and really doesn’t improve anything on Mayu.  I wonder if an album is coming next since it would make sense and all.


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