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Up Up Girls – UPPER ROCK/Ichiban Girls! November 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Ichiban Girls!
  3. UPPER ROCK (instrumental)
  4. Ichiban Girls! (instrumental)


UUG seems to never stop releasing!  UPPER ROCK though is probably their most valiant effort yet (or at least since “Barebare I LOVE YOU” was out).  The song is pretty unique in the group’s discography since it has so much electro-goodness strewn throughout the song.  The girls do find themselves being covered by the arrangement since it’s so loud.  Totally different and loving the energy of the song though so it really stands out…Great song for them!

2. Ichiban Girls!

With the B-side we get our normal does of UUG since Ichiban Girls! is more of a rock song that’s a lot like “Going my ↑” and “Namen na! Ashi Girls” in style.  I will say that it’s a fast-paced song and the energy is also there but it’s so much like the other songs that it’s a bit disapppointing.  Not the worst song they’ve done, but it’s far from being one of their better ones.



As their final single before transferring to T-Palette (of course another single is closely approaching) UPPER ROCK/Ichiban Girls! is sort of a good way to go out with a bang on their label (whatever it was…).  UPPER ROCK is epic and really stands out as their electro song and is catchy as hell.  Ichiban Girls! though is kind of run-of-the-mill from them so it didn’t stand out…let’s hope T-Palette changes things up for UUG ^_^


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