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Utada Hikaru – Sakura Nagashi November 20, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Sakura Nagashi
  2. Sakura Nagashi (Instrumental)

1. Sakura Nagashi

It’s been so long since we’ve heard Hikki last and out of the blue she releases Sakura Nagashi (which is tied to Evangelion of course).  This song was definitely worth the wait for Hikki to throw in because it’s definitely one of her best ballads IF NOT one of the best!  There’s something so profound and beautiful with this ballad that I feel like it was some sort stroke of genius.  It’s pretty, Hikki sounds amazing and while the PV is a tad touchy in places, it fit so nicely together.  Great song, but she’s not gonna get out of hiatus-land?  Damnit….



I’m not sure why but Hikki just surprised and blown everyone away with Sakura Nagashi.  Like I said, one of her best songs to date and really made me feel like this hiatus is essentially restoring her flow and lyrical content (even though she was pretty good before the hiatus),  I’m sure this’ll get more popular as the days come and maybe perhaps beat “Flavor Of Life” in some of the records that it created. *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “Utada Hikaru – Sakura Nagashi”

  1. yuki Says:

    I agree, my opinion is that Sakura Nagashi is one of her best ballads, truly beautiful song… ;_;

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