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2PM – Masquerade November 21, 2012

Filed under: 2PM — solarblade @ 7:16 pm

Track Listing

  1. Masquerade
  2. Forever
  3. Masquerade (ArmySlick’s bavtronic mix)
  4. Masquerade (Instrumental)
  5. Forever (Instrumental)

1. Masquerade

I was pretty much at this point waiting to get through this single and it finally has come out.  I found myself really interested in Masquerade since it has the group singing smoothly and quite strongly but I also found myself questioning the need for auto-tune for such a song (especially the chorus where it really wasn’t needed).  Plus a small nitpick, I hated the way they said the title…just not good.  I don’t know but I feel like this song qould’ve been much better with no auto-tune (the guys are great singers as it is, DON’T RUIN IT).

2. Forever

From when the single was announced we were supposed to have a different B-side but since their troubles happened, the single changed and we instead got Forever which is actually a ballad.  Since I’ve learned that 2PM was more lenient on dance tracks, this song felt a bit strange and more suited for their brother group, 2AM.  It’s not bad of a ballad, but it’s one of those if you’ve heard it once you’ve heard them all kind of ballads.  Your normal, dramatic piano/strings ballad…yeah…not really interested here.

3. Masquerade (ArmySlick’s bavtronic mix)

There’s something about Masquerade’s remix seems to fit more to the group than the original mix oddly enough.  I think I really like ArmySlick’s arrangement tons more than I probably should.  Of course the vocals are messed around a bit more with filters thrown around and the auto-tune still present as well.  I actually prefer this over the original.



For a single that was supposed to come out back in August…yeah AUGUST PEOPLE, this was just not worth the wait.  You can thank Nickkhun for delaying the single as long as it needed to be (which is SOOOO unnecessary in the first place, just release the damn single anyways!).  The single itself is pretty poor IMO.  Masquerade is just a weird song to me and using auto-tune was probably not the smartest of ideas and when the remix does better…there’s something up.  Forever was just you’re normal K-pop ballad…nothing new either…ugh I hope with this small hiatus they can at least put out something better >.>


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