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Zwei – Junjou Spectra November 21, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Junjou Spectra
  2. Junjou Spectra (Moonboy remix)
  3. Kakuchou Place (PandaBoY remix)
  4. Junjou Spectra (Anime ver.)
  5. Junjou Spectra (Karaoke ver.)

1. Junjou Spectra

I love that Junjou Spectra sounds like it is Zwei-ish unlike some of their previous singles.  Once the intro is over, the song switches back to an anison style with Ayumu leading the song of course.  There’s something about the song I really like about it since everything is loud and epic and both Ayumu and Megu are just kicking so much ass in this song.  It’s definitely their best A-side since joining 5pb. for sure!

2. Junjou Spectra (Moonboy remix)

Sadly, we don’t get an actual B-side and instead we’re left with two remixes.  The first for Junjou Spectra takes out the rock elements from the song and replaces it with more of a funky electro style which is a bit oddball with some of the quirks about it.  It does retain some of its anime elements as well…it’s kind of like a stripped down version of the original essentially.

3. Kakuchou Place (PandaBoY remix)

The other remix is for their previous A-side (which both this and the lead track here are tied to the same series).  Kakuchou Place’s remix is definitely more electronic than its original!  It’s a very busy remix and sometimes the arrangement overpowers Ayumu but it’s a solid remix.



I’m wondering when Zwei will announce a new album since this is their 5th single since joining 5pb. (they’re in need of one).  Junjou Spectra luckily is their best A-side since joining the anison company with its hard arrangement and memorable lyrics and vocals from Ayumu.  The remixes are OK, nothing to really gasm over.  Good single, but like I said….album plz!!!!


One Response to “Zwei – Junjou Spectra”

  1. bladeblur Says:

    Well it’s actually with ANiplex rather than 5pb.

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