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KARA – Girls Forever November 22, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Speed Up
  2. Electric Boy
  3. Gimme Gimme
  4. Shake It Up
  5. Kiss Me Tonight
  6. Orion
  7. Oops!
  8. Rock On
  9. Innocent Girl
  10. Girls Power
  11. Jet Coaster Love 2012 (bonus track)
  12. GO GO Summer! 2012 (bonus track)
  13. Winter Magic 2012 (bonus track)
  14. Jumping (Remastering) (bonus track)
  15. Mister (Remastering) (bonus track)

1. Speed Up

Pretty good that KARA begins their album with the first A-side released for the era and it works especially with the intro counting down into the song.  The song is true to KARA’s upbeat nature, but the only downfall about the song I really have is the ladies being dunked in auto-tune.  I personally think this song would sound so much better if it wasn’t there to behin with.  I have grown into enjoying the song and makes for a good opening song.

2. Electric Boy

I do like how “Speed Up” moves into Electric Boy because this is probably my favorite A-side between the three.  It’s jsut energetic and really upbeat and has a certain charm to it that I can’t help but shaking my ass to lol.  There’s just something really epic here and it just brought KARA back up to awesomeness with this.

3. Gimme Gimme

Onto some new tracks, Gimme Gimme also seems to follow along the lines of “Electric Boy” without being all edgy and K-pop heavy.  There’s something 80’s about the song’s arrangement, which I’m a total sucker for and it really works here since it’s slick, yet cool.  This is a pretty awesome track overall!

4. Shake It Up

The group is just throwing dance tracks left and right aren’t they?  Shake It Up is pretty interesting because they seem to be singing less than in the the previous tracks.  I mean most of the time they’re kind of speak-singing and shouting/chanting some of the lyrics (especially in the chorus).  It does reminds me of a 4minute song, but this is okay for the most part, not their best but not bad.

5. Kiss Me Tonight

Things seem to slightly slow down with Kiss Me Tonight since it;s a bit more catered to their R&B fans out there lol.  I like the bounce of the song and it’s quite soothing to listen to, but I feel like it would’ve fit more snuggly on “Super Girl” because it really does remind me of some of the songs from that album.  Still, it’s a pretty good song and fits KARA well.

6. Orion

So the only original B-side released during the era, Orion is the slowest song off the album and to be honest while it didn’t stand out in the single it came from, on the album, it’s does slightly better since it really was the only ballad (minus “Winter Magic”, but that’s a stretch to say).  I still say it sounds weird and sounds kind of old too.  I’m just unsure how I feel about the song.  The group sounds great though, that I will admit…but ehhhh….

7. Oops!

Bouncing back up to dance tracks, Oops! is also another welcome addition to the group’s discography since it’s a bit different from their other dance tracks they have.  It kind of sexy glow but it also seems it wants to be hard song but doesn’t make it, but I’m also fine with it.  It might be a little cheesy in lyrics, but this was a cool song.

8. Rock On

For a song titled as such, I was kind of expecting something a bit more brazen with guitars and such, but this song kind of fell flat for me since it sounds more like most of their Korean songs.  I don’t know…I feel like they’ve done this sort of song before (and many times at that) and it just came off as bland.  If not for the bonus tracks ahead, this would be my least favorite track off the album.

9. Innocent Girl

As the shortest of the new songs, Innocent Girl tries to make up for the boring “Rock On” but it also kind of is in the same place, but the arrangement is quite cute and the ladies sound rather good in a much sugary setting.  It still really isn’t up at the top, but I do like this much more than the previous song. 

10. Girls Power

Ending the album (like “Super Girl”, it’s a short album), The secondary A-side from the first single is the finale here and it was pretty appropriate as well.  I really like when they do cute right and this would be one of those times because it’s bright and full of charm.  Plus the girls sound amazing which was a blessing since it shared its spot with “Speed Up” on the single.  This was a great way to end the album…however it’s not over yet…

11. Jet Coaster Love 2012

All of the “Super Girl” A-sides get rearranged for the first batch of bonus tracks starting with chronologically with Jet Coaster Love.  The song like the other two was given a touch-up and it’s now more of a dance track, taking out the brass elements and adds more beats and synths which actually help the song stick to me even better (which means this updated version is BETTER than the original!).

12. GO GO Summer! 2012

Unfortunately I can’t say the same for GO GO Summer! because I’ve already reviewed this back on “KARA Collection” and that wasn’t a long time ago since I’ve reviewed it.  I just didn’t enjoy any of the changes that happened since I love the original so much that changing any of it was sacriligious.  It just did nothing for me so it just kind of blurred its way.

13. Winter Magic 2012

I was never really into Winter Magic originally so I kind of forgot how it went.  The updated version does sounds a bit more festive in a way since there’s a bit more going on in the arrangement.  I still don’t care for it much otherwise for some reason since it didn’t really make much a difference.

14. Jumping (Remastering)

Isn’t it time to retire the damn songs coming up?  I mean both this and “Mister” have appeared on all their studio albums so far and I’m starting to get tired of it.  Granted, both have been remasterd (which is a bit gipped, since they could’ve been updated like the previous three tracks).  The arrangement for Jumping hasn’t really been changed but some of the background nuances have been pushed forward.  It’s not a bad change…but seriously…this was kind of pointless.

15. Mister (Remastering)

Same thing applies with Mister which is more or less the on the same thought pattern.  The changes are minor but some of the background has come forward.  Still a good song overall and well nothing else can really be said about from the last 3 times I’ve reviewed it.

Tracks Recommended

  • Electric Boy
  • Girls Power
  • Jet Coaster Love 2012
  • Gimme Gimme
  • Kiss Me Tonight

Song of Avoidance

  • GO GO Summer! 2012

So we get another short album from KARA with Girls Forever, but it seems this album actually did better than their last album, “Super Girl” by a big margin.  The album kind felt like more effort was put into it (plus 6 new songs is better than just 4).  Minus the new version of Jet Coaster Love, the bonus tracks are merely useless here, even though they are bonuses…still not very worthy otherwise (and seriously retire Jumping and Mister…it’s getting very stupid rehashing shit like that).  Otherwise, good album!


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