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Lia – Lorelei no Uta November 24, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Lorelei no Uta
  2. Kokoro ni Kodoku Uta (IA)
  3. Lorelei no Uta (Instrumental)

1. Lorelei no Uta

Lia somehow seems to impress me with her music (though her last single was a major borefest)…Lorelei no Uta is back to the cool anison songs she’s been doing and I really found myself enjoying it all.  Lia is of course giving an amazing vocal performance here and together makes a winning combination!  Great leading track for sure!

2. Kokoro ni Todoku Uta (IA)

I’m not exactly sure what is this IA is (from what I’ve explored, I kind of guess this is Lia in VOCALOID form.  The arrangement of the song has also kind of changed but not by much which is fortunate.  To be honest, Lia (if it’s her) doesn’t sound much different either, though she is singing a bit louder.  Not bad, but was it necessary?



Her second single I’ve reviewed that’s tied to the Shining Blade series, Lorelei no Uta is definitely better than her first one “Kokoro ni Todoku Uta”, it just flowed better and Lia sounds amazing!  As for the second track, I don’t really understand why it’s there besides the tie-in but it was weird and unnecessary.  Though overall, it’s a good single!


One Response to “Lia – Lorelei no Uta”

  1. MeltingCORE Says:

    IA is indeed a Vocaloid made using Lia’s voice. She’s actually become quite popular! Sad though, because people will like IA and not even know who Lia is… Anyways, I like this single to.

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