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Fairies – Beat Generation/No More Distance November 25, 2012

Filed under: Fairies — solarblade @ 8:51 pm

Track Listing

  1. Beat Generation
  2. No More Distance
  3. Beat Generation (Instrumental)
  4. No More Distance (Instrumental)

1. Beat Generation

Funny enough, I was so disappointed in “More Kiss / Song for You” that I passed up their last single and reappeared when they released Beat Generation because Fairies were on Kurobara alongside Morning Musume which I’ve heard this song and fell in love with it, so it was the song that brought me into Fairies’ music (yet I passed over their next single “Tweet Dream/Sparkle” for some odd reason.  They really stood out with this song because it was dance heavy and once again like “HERO”, the chorus is incredibly catchy (even if it’s ridden with Engrish).  Even though there aren’t any solo lines to hear, Beat Generation was VERY impressive and they’re really growing on me.

2. No More Distance

Finally it seems their R&B style has finally moved into their secondary A-side.  I have to admit, this song is pretty good too even if it’s roaming towards a style that I’m not too fond of.  There’s just something about No More Distance that’s so relaxing and yet so smooth for the group.  It was really impressive!



I think Fairies have hit their peak in their first era with Beat Generation/No More Distance.  Both tracks were superb to what they were going for and is one of the more impressive singles this year! *RECOMMENDED*


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