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Fairies – HERO/Sweet Jewel November 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. HERO
  2. Sweet Jewel
  3. HERO (Instrumental)
  4. Sweet Jewel (Instrumental)


Already with the second single, I was more intrigued!  HERO continues with this slightly urban and slightly dance style which works for sure.  It seems there’s not a whole lot of solo lines, but the other girls have more time to get their style out there.  It’s a really interesting song and it’s incredibly catchy as well which is just crazy.  I just love that chorus for sure.  Great song!

2. Sweet Jewel

Then we get into Sweet Jewel and this is kind of that typical idol song with extra energy lol.  I do think the duo lines are a bit eh and some of the voices don’t seem to mesh well together, but since I’m not sure who’s who quite yet…I can’t tell you who I don’t like lol. 



Second single and HERO/Sweet Jewel was a much better single from the group.  There was no spotlight for just one of the girls this time around and HERO was just all-around catchy!  Sweet Jewel is kind of meh since it’s not really new in the idol world so I just passed it up.


One Response to “Fairies – HERO/Sweet Jewel”

  1. viyemellexdolcemelodies Says:

    Hero was definitely a pretty good single and a step-up from their debut! I’m glad you gave their music a chance with these reviews ^_^

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