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Fairies – More Kiss/Song for You November 25, 2012

Filed under: Fairies — solarblade @ 8:08 pm

Track Listing

  1. More Kiss
  2. Song for You
  3. More Kiss (Instrumental)
  4. Song for You (Instrumental)

1. More Kiss

When this was first released, More Kiss was really unimpressive because when I saw this only Momoka only had the solo lines (which is pretty bizarre in idol land!),  I do like the song’s urban feel but mixed with the idols of Fairies (or in this case Momoka).  The song is just pretty unimpressive of a debut and compared to their stuff today, this is probably their worst XD

2. Song for You

The other A-side is a bit more interesting since it’s more upbeat and has some guitars.  I will say that the Momoka hax is still pretty much prevelant, but it’s not as crazy in your face like “More Kiss”.  I think this song could be tons more better if it had a harder punch because while I love the melody of the song, it really needs something to make it hit harder. 



I really didn’t like Fairies’ debut single that much (which is why I avoided them for as long as I did).  More Kiss/Song for You suffered from member hax with Momoka being the lead vocalist and only one with solos.  It just made the rest of the members nonexistant which is a problem I have with certain groups like FLOWER, DiVA, and EXILE.  If you have members use their potential not let them just be background dancers…seriously.  Luckily for Fairies, this problem gets fixed.


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