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Fairies – Tweet Dream/Sparkle November 25, 2012

Filed under: Fairies — solarblade @ 9:14 pm

Track Listing

  1. Tweet Dream
  2. Sparkle
  3. Tweet Dream (Instrumental)
  4. Sparkle (Instrumental)

1. Tweet Dream

I thought the group would continue with the epicness from “Beat Generation” but Tweet Dream is really annoying and cheap compared to their last single.  First off, the arrangement is kind of running through the idol/technopop phase most idol groups have tackled and I really don’t think it was necessary to drown the group in a giant goop of auto-tune ickyness.  It’s just amazingly horrid of a song and I don’t wanna witness it again.

2. Sparkle

*sigh* the auto-tune is also in Sparkle, but it’s not as annoying as “Tweet Dream” was which is good, but I would’ve loved to hear this single without the auto-tune because it probably would’ve been an epic song because the arrangement is strong (except the chorus which needed a heavier beat).  Yeah it’s not great but it’s better than the other A-side that’s for sure.



After being so impressed with their last single, Tweet Dream/Sparkle just wanted to destroy everything that Fairies had built on me.  The auto-tune was ridiculously bad here and Tweet Dream is just annoyance in a can which really made me want to go deaf for a while.  Sparkle was a smidge better, but it felt unfinished like there some key elements missing.  Just overall a bad single!


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