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Fairies – White Angel November 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. White Angel
  2. One Love
  3. White Angel (Instrumental)
  4. One Love (Instrumental)

1. White Angel

It just seems that Fairies seem to get things right when things don’t work the first time.  White Angel is a lot like how I felt with “Beat Generation” because it’s just a really edgy song and a cool dance track.  It also has auto-tune but it’s not as atrocious as it was used in “Tweet Dream”.  I just love the pounding beat and the members are really giving it all.  Plus that chorus is just YAY!

2. One Love

HOLD UP!!!, this is their first legit B-side?  Yup, One Love marks as the groups first coupling track and it’s kind of just there when compared to other songs released in the era.  I’m not entirely sure how to feel because it’s kind of in between “No More Distance” and “Sweet Jewel”.  It’s not a terrible song, but it’s rather forgetful.



I would’ve expected that Fairies would’ve released their first album by now but here we are at their 5th single which is also their first single with ONE A-side.  White Angel is definitely an improvement from their last single by a big amount!  The leading track is really awesome and stands up there with “HERO” and “Beat Generation”.  One Love is OK, but nothing special…I can see why it was put as a B-side lol.


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