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i☆Ris – Color November 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Color
  2. Ramune Sunset
  3. Color (Instrumental)
  4. Ramune Sunset (Instrumental)

1. Color

As avex’s new idol group, i☆Ris kicks their career off together with Color which is quite synth heavy and also idol-like so it’s kind of like their other idol groups on the same label.  I will say it’s quite tame and to-the-books which is a bit unfortunate, but I guess it’s a good song to cheer you up, I just wish the song had some solo lines to at least give us a bit to learn the girls voices at least >.<

2. Ramune Sunset

The coupling song for the single is sadly a bit more generic idol music which disappoints me as well a the fact that the girls are singing altogether which makes it even more meh.  It’s a bit slower as well so it kind of shows the girls ability to sing together better.  It’s not much better but it’s a step above “Color”.



As it’s avex’s new “anison idol” group, i☆Ris right now isn’t impressing me very much like how TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, SUPER☆GiRLS, and even Fairies have before.  It just seems that they started off on the lowest foot possible with Color and both tracks really don’t impress me very much.  Maybe they’ll grow on me in the future, but for right now…this is kind of bleh.


One Response to “i☆Ris – Color”

  1. 123 Says:

    One of the members Yuki Wakai released a solo single.. It’s not idol, kind of darker jpop, you might like it.

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