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Konomi Suzuki – CHOIR JAIL November 25, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Zanzou Mirai
  3. CHOIR JAIL (Instrumental)
  4. Zanzou Mirai (Instrumental)


It’s weird getting into Komomi’s debut because it kind of mirrors Sayaka Sasaki’s debut (I’ll tell ya why at the bottom).  CHOIR JAIL is a pretty dark song and mixed with its anison roots, it’s kind of typical sounding, but there’s something about Konomi’s vocals that really stand out.  It’s not a bad debut for the winner of 2011’s Animax Anison Grand Prix.

2. Zanzou Mirai

Luckily, the B-side does more for Konomi’s vocals than what “CHOIR JAIL” did.  It’s also on the darker side of things which is a bit nice to hear since it’s kind of slower than said song as well.  I just really love Konomi’s vocals, but I feel like the song could’ve been more faster for some reason.  I think it’d been more epic that way…still not bad.



As the winner of the 2011 Animax Grand Prix, Konomi Suzuki’s debut single mirrors that of the 2009’s winner Sayaka Sasaki in which her debut, “Seisai no Ripieno” was also a dark single overall.  With CHOIR JAIL, I found Konomi’s vocals really nice and strong and suited the dark atmosphere of both tracks even though they aren’t particularly unique arrangements themselves. 


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