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Konomi Suzuki – DAYS of DASH November 25, 2012

Filed under: Konomi Suzuki — solarblade @ 9:44 pm

Track Listing

  1. DAYS of DASH
  2. Fly to the stars
  3. DAYS of DASH (Instrumental)
  4. Fly to the stars (Instrumental)


Well after “CHOIR JAIL”, I wasn’t expecting Konomi to move onto something much more cuter and sugary (sounds similar to Sayaka huh?).  DAYS of DASH is a bright song that caters more of Konomi’s cuter vocals as well, but I think she tackled it nicely but the song is a bit *shrugs*.  I’m not too impressed with this song.

2. Fly to the stars

I will say that I’m a little more inclined with the B-side even though it’s more of the usual anison stuff.  I do like the energy of the song and the power from Konomi here as well.  It’s probably my favorite track from Konomi so far in her career, that I’ll give…but she needs something more.



Already on her second single, Konomi switched style from a darker setting to a more bright and happier setting with DAYS of DASH.  The single is a bit underwhelming because it’s more of like songs I’ve heard by others before.  Fly to the stars is a slightly better song, but still kind of bland.  Meeeeh…


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