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Takuma Terashima – magic words November 25, 2012

Filed under: Takuma Terashima — solarblade @ 7:52 pm

Track Listing

  1. magic words
  2. FAKE
  3. hazy
  4. magic words (Instrumental)
  5. FAKE (Instrumental)
  6. hazy (Instrumental)

1. magic words

As it’s Takuma’s debut, magic words is kind of different for me because he doesn’t seem to fit the voice of anison music because he has a certain voice that kind of mirrors vocalists like SID’s Mao.  Beyond that, the song isn’t very memorable but some of the string elements were cool…oh well moving on!


Onto the B-sides, the first is actually a bit more SID-like for some reason.  Takuma’s vocals sound really good and mysterious at the same time which fits the rockin’ atmosphere I’m hearing.  It’s a lot more impressive than “magic words” and I would’ve loved if this had been the leading track!

3. hazy

I wasn’t expecting Takuma’s second B-side to include synths!  Mixed together with guitars, hazy is kind of its own thing which is pretty cool because I liked how funky it was and I think Takuma was channeling his inner KISHOW it seems lmao.  He sounds really good with this track and it’s definitely the best the single to offer.  Forget “FAKE”, this should’ve been the A-side!



Even though he’s known more as a voice actor, Takuma’s musical debut (well his first single), magic words is not a bad debut.  magic words is a little meh, but FAKE and hazy more than make up for that easily.  I am definitely looking forward to his next release!


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