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Annabel – Light of Dawn November 29, 2012

Filed under: Annabel — solarblade @ 9:47 pm

Track Listing

  1. Light of Dawn
  2. torus
  3. Light of Dawn (off vocal)
  4. torus (off vocal)

1. Light of Dawn

I didn’t expect Annabel to make her next single to be something a bit more upbeat and kind of unusual in a way.  I kind of like the atmospheric synth style in this track because it feels like such a different kind of song that really doesn’t fit the anison style.  Annabel’s vocals though are really pretty though!  Great song and even better than “My heaven”!

2. torus

The B-side, torus is kind of like another “filum” in that it’s another one of those super quiet ballads.  It does have a longing feel to it with the slow beat and with the oboe and strings acting as the melody…it really has a depressing feeling.  It’s interesting, but nothing I’ll fully remember.



As the second single, I have to say Light of Dawn is better than her debut which is saying a lot since I liked her last single.  Light of Dawn is probably my favorite of the A-sides which is amazing!  torus is growing on me slowly with it’s depressing outlook and slow-moving arrangement.  Great single *RECOMMENDED*


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