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Annabel – My heaven November 29, 2012

Filed under: Annabel — solarblade @ 9:29 pm

Track Listing

  1. My heaven
  2. filum
  3. My heaven (off vocal)
  4. filum (off vocal)

1. My heaven

Going back to Annabel’s debut as a solo artist, My heaven is not what I expected coming into the track because it’s quiet and yet mysterious to listen to which is an interesting and great mix since I do enjoy Annabel’s ballads for the most part.  It’s a really soothing track from her and stands out amongst the other A-sides she released.

2. filum

The B-side is also a quiet ballad as well!  It doesn’t get as good as “My heaven” did since it stays in it’s dreamscape sound which is also fine with me because it’s like a song that I would hear in an RPG (though not sure what game…maybe FFX?).  It’s a really sweet and quiet track and I love that the most about it.



After all the stuff she’s done for binaria and anNina, Annabel decided to tackle a solo career and with her debut My heaven, she seemed to really nail it on the head!  The lead track is just so good and I lvoe how it flows and grows into such a great song!  filum, while not as extravagant is also worth a listen for Annabel’s vocals and soft atmosphere…great single to debut with!


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