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LM.C – DOUBLE DRAGON November 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. ★Rock the LM.C★/RUN LM.C


DOUBLE DRAGON by LM.C is back to the normal shenanigans we’ve come to love by the duo, but this song isn’t as experimental or groundbreaking like previous efforts.  To me, the song is straightforward and I’m still enjoying maya’s vocals alongside Aiji’s guitarwork so it meshes well together.  DOUBLE DRAGON though does feel like it’s a leftover song from their last release, “STRONG POP” which makes sense.  Good track, nothing entirely different but that’s a good thing in this case.

2. ★Rock the LM.C★/RUN LM.C

Like on “Hoshi no Arika.”, LM.C has kind of morphed themselves as something slightly different as RUN LM.C (sounds a LOT like RUN DM.C >.>).  That connection is a bit more apparant because ★Rock the LM.C★ has a bit of a hip-hop style going with the synths.  If you haven’t noticed though, it’s a new version of the same song that was from their debut single “Trailers [Gold]”.  For what it is, it’s different and has a bold sound to it and I liked it quite a bit!



LM.C ends the year off by releasing DOUBLE DRAGON!  The single itself isn’t too bad, though not as good as their last single, “Ah Hah!”/  DOUBLE DRAGON the track, is kind of playing it safe, but it’s not too detrimental.  ★Rock the LM.C★’s new take is interesting and I kind of enjoyed it more slightly.  Good single overall.


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