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access – Secret Cluster December 30, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. vibe cluster (Instrumental)
  2. Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~ (Album ver.)
  3. Beyond the Second-D.
  4. Star Tribal
  5. Let me go
  6. Stand By
  7. ChaOs GrAdatioN
  8. f☆R☆E☆e
  9. Wild Butterfly (Album ver.)
  10. Secret Dimension (Instrumental)
  11. 20th Sincerely

CD 2

  1. Doubt & Trust
  3. Dream Runner
  5. Higher Than Dark Sky
  6. Aoi Nami
  8. Share The Love
  9. Keep It
  10. Ride Up For The Shiny Way

1. vibe cluster (Instrumental)

The album opens up with an introduction piece from Daisuke who still is a great producer and vibe cluster is a simple but futuristic intro.  Not much else to really say about it besides that it moved nice and smoothly and led into our next track nicely.

2. Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~ (Album ver.)

As the one of two A-sides that made the main tracklist (so not including the second disc) we get Bet first which was the last single to be released in the era.  I’m not totally sure of what the changes were made from the single version but the song sound a bit more electro, but that could just be me.  I feel like the song could benefitted a harder beat, but it’s not a bad track, but I like the original more.

3. Beyond the Second-D.

I’m surprised to see more B-sides make the album cut over the leading tracks.  I said in the past that I really like this track from “Wild Butterfly” and I still do because Takami doesn’t try to be really screwy with his vocals but the song might just be a little to the textbooks for them.  Also I feel like the song could’ve been a smidge quicker, but I still really like the song.

4. Star Tribal

Only 4 new songs on the album?!?  That’s a bit disappointing.  Star Tribal though doesn’t sound like anything the duo has done in the era and I really like this more serious side to access’ music.  For being a slower track, I think they tackled the song in stride and just let it go the direction it wanted.  It almost sounds like it could fit in an anime/RPG.  One of the album’s intriguing songs.

5. Let me go

As the B-side from “Bet ~Tsuioku no Roulette~, I was actually pretty happy to see the album’s cut because while it was a bit more pop-oriented and kind of has a certain Johnny’s sound to it, I loved that it stood out from the album.  It’s like Takami wanted to be in a boyband and we got this song from it.  Quirky little tune isn’t it?

6. Stand By

Our next new track on the album, Stand By is a lighter affair and has that be happy feel with that intro but also keeps up with Daisuke’s synths,  Like I’ve said about a couple of others, I kind of wish there was more oomph going on because without it, it sounds like a snoozer,  and frankly that doesn’t work and neither is the rapping here…

7, ChaOs GraDatioN

The other B-side from “Wild Butterfly” makes its appearance and all I can say is why include this because this was a bit of a mess of a song.  Mixing what I knew from them but then the verses are all urbanized and all kinds of gross.  I guess you can say it’s a bit chaotic, but this was too much for me…there was a limit.  This was a pretty bad song on the single and it hasn’t changed any better on the album.

8. f☆R☆E☆e

Even though “Stand By” is the album’s longest track, I actually really thought that Daisuke FINALLY found something that isn’t missing much in the arrangement.  f☆R☆E☆e kind of reminds me of “EDGE” but I’m OK with that because this song is one of the more impressive songs here!  It’s a really cool dance track and there’s so much I could say because it brought me out of the mediocrity.

9. Wild Butterfly (Album ver.)

Seems like the other A-side on the album has gotten an arrangement switched out with this echo-y keyboard arrangement.  Wild Butterfly this time around took out the flighty feelings and I feel like Daisuke handled this better the second time around.  It sounds a lot more complete as well so that being said, it was a leap for me to enjoy it, but now I’m enjoying this version more.

10. Secret Dimension (Instrumental)

As an interlude before getting into the final track on the album, it sounds like more of what we heard in the beginning but with more punch.  Does sound like something I’d hear in a game, but I like it…though it doesn’t slide into the final track very well since it is so heavy with beats and synths.

11. 20th Sincerely

Yeah, the final song on the first disc is a ballad which is why I said “Secret Dimension” didn’t really fit before this track.  20th Sincerely does kind of sound slightly like they want to be nostalgic because I could hear this on the stuff before their hiatus.  It does suffer as being a little too boring and the end stretched a little too long…but the track is only 4 minutes long…strange…appropriate way to end the main disc.

CD 2

1. Doubt & Trust

Lord, I would have never guessed that I would be reviewing Doubt & Trust a third time and strange to see access including this single up to “Share The Love”  so all ten songs found from those four singles get singled out and put on the second disc.  Doubt & Trust was and still is such an amazing song from the duo,  Unlike most of the tracks that filled out the era, this was more anime-rock and it didn’t slightly sound like T.M.Revolution but with Takami’s voice.  It’s sad to say that it’s still the best of the entire album because it’s just so edgy and aggressive and I love the guitar riffs…Yeah, that good of a song!


The B-side from above single has had time to slightly grow on me and while I don’t like the sampling in the beginning and Takami under so much auto-tune is quite distracting and add his already nasally tones, it’s just a bit too much for the song.  Suffice to say, I’m not too big of a fan.  At least the guitar solo was in fact good…but the song otherwise, is just yucky.

3. Dream Runner

I was expecting so much drom Dream Runner after how completely badass “Doubt & Trust”, “EDGE”, and “Hitomi no Tsubasa” turned out, but this song while more energetic than most of the stuff on the first disc, there was something that I didn’t really enjoy…but nowadays has disappeared.  I kind of dig it nowadays…maybe Takami’s vocals aren’t still connecting to me very well…but the arrangement is niiice!


However, I can’t say the same for the B-side because it’s bizarro and very uncharacteristic of them to throw out there,  Takami is just speeding through the song so following him alongside this beach=friendly with that UFO woop is just a tad strange.  It just reminds me of how WTF T.M.R’s “Salsa Bazaar” was and this fits VERY closely with it.  It’s not terrible, but it would never fit on an album and not even here.

5. Higher Than Dark Sky

As the 3rd single, Higher Than Dark Sky has made me wonder why I thought it was ever better than “Dream Runner” because this song is really plain to me nowadays…sounds like nostalgia done the wrong way.  Thing is is that this song has an absurd amount of Engrish about and Takami doesn’t sound all that good either.  It just sounds extremely cheesy and overly dated!

6. Aoi Nami

Strange, as I listen to Aoi Nami, the song starts to remind me of “20th Sincerely” in the strangest way…it’s like they had the same structure, but this song is less cheesy sounding, but Takami sounds worse in this song because that chorus makes him hit notes that HE CLEARLY CAN’T HANDLE!  I would enjoy the song if it didn’t have such an annoying chorus.


Now this sounds like classic access because Daisuke’s bringing some old sounding keyboards up to the front, but it’s rather intriguing when compared to many of the other songs on the album.  The chorus is still kind of a shady area for me, but this song is still quite good nonetheless.

8. Share The Love

Finally we have the 4th A-side on this disc, Share The Love.  I love the opening that kind of reminds me of the fast piano lines in “Doubt & Trust” but one Takami starts to sing, it reverts back to this nostalgic trip.  I would say behind a couple of A-sides this is one of the better ones they’ve released…still got that nasal tone that really can kill the song sometimes but I think I can move it aside and enjoy it.

9. Keep It

Kind of like “ChaOs GraDatioN”, it also has this urban sound that really doesn’t fit the song at all…add in an annoying siren and you get this song which sounds like a mess to be honest and is really not their forte.  Very annoying song to listen to and it’s repetitive as well…

10. Ride Up For The Shiny Way

The final song on the second disc, Ride Up For The Shiny Way brings the energy back and so does Daisuke’s arranging here since it’s kind of more up to date with the synths and style.  I don’t really enjoy listening to Takami’s higher register, but he tackled the song well minus those specific parts.  A good way to close things out!

Tracks Recommended

  • Doubt & Trust
  • f☆R☆E☆e
  • Wild Butterfly (Album ver.)
  • Let me go
  • Dream Runner

Song of Avoidance

  • Keep It

How long has it been since access released their last album, 5 years?  Yeah it’s been that long and Secret Cluster took forever to come together because of the 6 sings spaced so far apart from each other!  If it was just the one disc, the main disc isn’t totally bad.  A little forgettable but not terrible.  With the second disc, I think it dropped because all those songs were off the singles (which is strange to see “Doubt & Trust” as it was on their best album back in 2007) and most of those were disappointing songs.  It’s a big release, but not everything is peaches in access land.


Dream5 – Shekimeki! December 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Shekimeki!
  3. Rock n’ Roll Kenchoushozaichi
  4. Shekimeki! (Original Karaoke)
  5. CRAZY GONNA CRAZY (Original Karaoke)
  6. Rock n’ Roll Kenchoushozaichi (Original Karaoke)

1. Shekimeki!

As the only original track on the single, Shekimeki! is seriously sounding like AAA now which is a bit of a good sign and a bad one if they keep going like this.  The song itself is reminds me of some of AAA’s earlier songs, but with a touch of that idol sound that Dream5 is known for.  I do like the upbeat tone of the song and there’s some great singers in the group to keep it above the water.  I kind of enjoyed this song even moreso than their last single!


So the rest of the single is cover songs and my first reaction to the first one is…another TRF cover?  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, because I kind of enjoyed this take of their song, but it’s not really any better than AAA’s take but then again they have overall better vocals.  It’s still the same cheery song though and Dream5 handled that very well.  Not bad!

3. Rock n’ Roll Kenchoushozaichi

What is up with everyone covering Chisato Moritaka’s songs?  Well actually to be fair, whenever I think of this song…I think of Minimoni’s take of the song.  What I remember, the song is an educational track for us Westerners learning the various areas of Japan!  It’s still a quirky lesson song, but nothing beats Minimoni’s cover.



How many singles is this…5?  Shekimeki! is a cute song and might be one of my favorites of the current era.  Something about this group screams innocence youth and they take it well even though it’s hard to make out the vocals (especially poor Akira (where’s puberty for you siiiir).  The cover songs were a nice incentive…not the best, but faithful enough.  With an upcoming 6th single, I wonder where this album is…


Tohoshinki – Catch Me -If you wanna-

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Track Listing

  1. Catch Me -If you wanna-
  2. I Know
  3. I Know -unplugged version- (CD only Bonus Track)
  4. Catch Me -If you wanna- -Less Vocal-
  5. I Know -Less Vocal-

1. Catch Me -If you wanna-

I kind of figured that Tohoshinki would be making Catch Me into Japanese considering how big it was and the positive remarks it got!  I don’t mind this because I too love the hell out of this song.  Hearing it in Japanese is a tad strange for me because it doesn’t seem to flow as smoothly as the Korean version did.  However, the song is still quite the awesome heavy hitter it was so I still redeem it as a great song (though why did they have to wait so long to release this in 2013?).

2. I Know

The B-side (which oddly got a PV as well), I Know is the softer track but it’s still kind of a mid-tempo track and even though it doesn’t showcase as strong of vocals like in the A-side, this is relaxing but at the same time, just a tad bit forgetable when comparing to the other singles that were released for the era.  Yeah it sounds like “STILL” and “One More Thing” together. 

3. I Know (unplugged version)

Though in a way I liked that they also have a quieter version of the song found on CD onlys.  With just piano and strings backing them up, Yunho and Changmin sound a lot more convincing with this version.  Yeah, not much else needs to be said but this is definitely the preferred version.



Early release?  Well, Catch Me -If you wanna- isn’t a bad choice but it took them long enough to get this moving!  I’m not a big fan of I Know (would’ve wanted “Humanoids” instead) but it’s OK but still REALLY plain for them.  At least the unplugged version was their to soften the blow.  Still not a bad single…but could’ve put more effort to it.


U-KISS – Distance…

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Track Listing

  1. Distance…
  2. Love To Go
  3. One of You -LIVE IN BUDOKAN 2012.9.5- (CD only)
  4. Distance… (Instrumental)
  5. Love To Go (Instrumental)

1. Distance…

I think I’ve said it before, but U-KISS never really pulled off ballads in Japan very well and Distance… is well…a ballad and the first Japanese track without AJ in appearance.  I’m not too big of a fan here because this track just sound like a lot of their other tracks they’ve done.  I mean they needed a softer A-side after the singles they’ve put out, but damn was this boring to me.

2. Love To Go

At least they evened the single out with Love To Go is upbeat and brings out what we know from the group which is they excel at their dance tracks and this belongs with the other great dance hits they have.  Actually it’s their best dance track in the current era and that says a lot! 



*will review the live when it leaks*, U-KISS might be tiring themselves out after having such a busy 2012 and all and Distance… felt like a slight burnout with the leading track which was very typical K-pop ballad of them.  Love To Go though was the surprise of the single though and it’s a LOT better and surprised this wasn’t the A-side.  Hopefully they can recharge for the next year!


Momoiro Clover Z – Bokura no Century

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Track Listing

  1. Bokura no Century
  2. Sora no Curtain
  3. Momoclo Yuki Mori (Dec.)
  4. Momoclo Mega Mori
  5. Bokura no Century (off vocal ver.)
  6. Sora no Curtain (off vocal ver.)

1. Bokura no Century

I guess MomocloZ is releasing their annual Christmas single and Bokura no Century has a very holday-heavy arrangement which isn’t a terrible thing but after “Shiroi Kaze”, this does kind of seem meh when compared, but it’s a lot better than “Santa-san”.  It’s cute and charming and while the vocals aren’t as good as some of their other singles, it’s still kind of good of a song. 

2. Sora no Curtain

The single’s B-side is a nicer change of pace though because it’s kind of quirky and yet a lot softer of a song overall when compared to “Bokura no Century”.  For being actually a lighter song for the group, it actually turned out much better than I expected.  I like MomocloZ when they are on a more lighter and less random setting. 

3. Momoclo Yuki Mori (Dec.)

I’m not sure what the next two track are really about but it seems like they’re medleys of their songs?  The only reason I can come up with this is because I hear “Santa-san” being used and later on “Mouretsu Uchuu…”.  Sadly I’m not very good at guessing at what the other songs are so unfortunately I can’t help you readers with that.  There’s a bit of ~merry christmas~ thrown around which suits the title. 

4. Momoclo Mega Mori

All this is, is the previous track minus the Xmas-y things and a slightly different arrangement.  It’s still the same songs used, but otherwise it’s relaly nothing to really talk about.  I feel like I should say SOMETHING…but I’ve really said what I needed above.



So as their last release for 2012, Bokura no Century is a good single overall, but it isn’t as surprising as their last Christmas single.  Sora no Curtain is the best song off the single followed by the A-side just because they were actual good songs from the group.  The medleys were useless IMO (especially having two of them with the same idea in it).  Yeah, not bad, but not great…


Daisy×Daisy – Miraiakazuki

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Track Listing

  1. Miraiakazuki
  2. Hoshiyomi End Lover
  3. Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de (CD+DVD only)
  4. Miraiakazuki (Instrumental)
  5. Hoshiyomi End Lover (Instrumental)
  6. Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de (Instrumental)

1. Miraiakazuki

Listening to Daisy×Daisy for the first time, Miraiakazuki kind of sounds like a song I would hear in FFXIII-2 because it has that futuristic sound with MiKA under some filters.  It’s a really cool track to listen to and it’s quite catchy for her and her voice sounds really fitting as well…it’s like I’m listening to a softer version of “COSMIC LOVE” from her sister Nana Mizuki.

2. Hoshiyomi End Lover

The first B-side on the single, takes more of a pop/rock setting but still containing that certain anison drive.  MiKA’s voice is slightly lighter than it was in the A-side but when she comes out of it she gets strong!  The song isn’t as good at leaving a mark on me, but she sounds great in the song regardless.

3. Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de

On the CD+DVD version of the single, it comes with an extra track and it’s a lot like a mixture of the previous two tracks because it’s spacey and still a pop/rock track…but a lot more energetic.  This is probably what I wished “Hoshiyomi End Lover” would’ve sound like.  A lot more of MiKA’s strong vocals and solid performance…good song!



As I got information, I totally did not see MiKA being related to Nana Mizuki as her younger sister, but after looking at pictures and such, they looked like twins.  Even I hear Nana’s voice in MiKA but she has a tone on her own and she’s quite impressive with what she have,  Miraiakazuki is a really impressive song to start a new era off and Kitto Uchuu no Katasumi de is also quite cool to listen to.  Hoshiyomi End Lover is good, but not as good as the other two tracks.  Great single and can’t wait to hear more ^_^


Best Of 2012: Korea & America FUSION DANCE!!!! December 28, 2012

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Starting this long amount of posts, like last year I’m beginning with the best Korean and American songs for me personally this year ^_^

  • BOYFRIEND – Love Style
  • CROSS GENE – La-Di-Da-Di
  • miss A – Touch
  • miss A – Lips

The Almost List-making 5


K-pop might have had less impact this year than the last two, but they still managed to put a lot of good releases. Even though I like EXO-M’s version of MAMA a lot more, I can’t deny that the Korean take was also REALLY well done as well.  There was a lot of power and force in it…just badass…but really…those teasers leading up to this was too much hah.  The Grasshopper Song by Sunny Hill was a really fast track that really tested tge group out and it did really well considering their male member was about to leave due to being called into the military.  T-ara’s LOVEY DOVEY was the first song of 2012 that really caught my eye (before the drama started rolling out).  It’s a very catchy song though true to T-ara’s signature style.  2NE1 didn’t have a very exciting year with only a small amount of releases in Korea but I LOVE YOU isn’t a bad song, a lil different as it’s a love song that’s kind of textbook written, but it’s really cool.  Last, but not least, Super Junior’s Sexy, Free, and Single was a great song and even better to reintroduce Kangin.  Awesome song overall ^_^.



Kicking off the top 10, Eyeline is the only song of the ten that was not promoted on its release.  The song itself is also a solo from Nana and it really suits her.  Her vocie is sexy and dark and with the arrangement being all K-pop it was a great song (even better than anything else off the “FLASHBACK” single).  Great song overall and an awesome way to kick off the top 10.

9. PSY – Gangnam Style (PSY 6 Gap Part. 1)


Everyone knows what Gangnam Style is.  It was definitely the song that I would have NEVER in my days as a reviewer and fan of K-pop see this becoming the biggest song in YouTube history or in sheer popularity around the world.  The song is infectious, the beats make you get up and dance and the amount of English is nice and doesn;r fully alienate people.  It isn’t higher because of its popularity, it’s become overplayed, but I still enjoy whenever it comes on…next question is…what could be PSY’s next song….hmmm

8. KARA – Pandora (PANDORA)


I wasn’t sure what KARA was going to do for Korea this year, but Pandora is a really epic song for them (not as good as “STEP” though).  I really love the classy feel and the members sound just as good if not better here.  It’s edgy and quite catchy for sure!

7. 4minute – Volume Up (VOLUME UP)


Volume Up wasn’t a total surprise this year considering 4minute was slightly releasing good stuff in Japan but I really found myself entranced with this song.  It could be from the saxophone heavy arrangement or just hearing HyunA being a badass alongside GaYoon and JiHyun.  It was classy, yet refined 4minute and this came before “Love Tension” in Japan shows how much sexyness the group can bring ^_^

6. Ga-in – Bloom (Talk about S.


Behind this very pretty song with a funky arrangement belies some raunchy lyrics, but what can you really say about Ga-in, she tackled Bloom and despite its controversial ways, it’s still a great song and very easy on the ears to just jam too.  She always makes it so easy to love her songs and she’s definitely my favorite of the BEG girls. ^_^

5. VIXX – Rock Ur Body (ROCK UR BODY)


As the newest boyband to catch my eye, VIXX’s second single really brought up this new group to my attention.  Rock Ur Body is another funky track, but they also kept to the normal K-pop sound mixed in with dubstep.  It’s a quirky number and despite the poor English skills the guys have, I still really enjoyed the track and one of the cooler MVs in Korea.

4. Tohoshinki – Catch Me (Catch Me)


Like VIXX, TVXQ also released a Kpop track with heavy dubstep influences but they handled it 100% better.  This was DEFINITELY what they needed to show that they were even more badass than when they were 5 members.  They just hit everything hard which included the vocals, the choreography, and the edginess of it all.  I was definitely blown away by Yunho and Changmin here!



It was difficult to choose between this or “MONSTER” from the rerelease, but this song brought me into BIGBANG’s music so I had to choose this.  It was a really heavy party song and it was incredibly catchy from G-Dragon’s line to T.O.P’s rap…it was just a hell of a lot of fun.  Definitely a badass song!



Even though U-KISS have been release whores this year, they did manage to release a thank you to their fanclub and with it included this track BELIEVE (or in Japan called Believe (Believe You) because U-KISS already have a song titled the former there.  Believe is a bit sappy in the lyrics, but it’s a cool dance track and hearing AJ blazing this song impressed me a lot! 



HOWEVER, the best song this year for me is really a total surprise because I really never expected INFINITE to release such a badass song in The Chaser.  It’s got this really cool 80’s/Vice City-ish tone to it that really caught my attention and I loved everything about it…though I’m sure I’m the only one who thinks this song deserves the spot over a bunch of songs on this list…but I LOVED THIS SONG!!!!

American time!

  • Childish Gambino – Heartbeat
  • fun. – Some Nights
  • The Lumineers – Hey Ho
  • Max Barskih – Dance
  • MUSE – Madness
  • One Direction – One Thing
  • Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

The 5 that almost touched the top 10!


Starting this list, I knew coming in that there wasn’t many songs that really interested me in the States (yeah strange right?) So kicking things off, I also am not a fan of Rap so seeing Stereo by MGK will surprise many readers of mine.  It’s a pretty tongue-and-cheek kind of track and seeing MGK shoot lyrics out alongside Alex Fitts who takes the chorus…cool song overall.  While Nicki impressed me last year the most, she didn’t really seem to do it this year even though her Roman Reloaded album was pretty good.  Starships was definitely the highlight and I’m starting to think Nicki should sing more than rap in the future as she’s got great vocals.  I love Owl City and it was great to see Adam reappear with Good Time alongside Carly Rae Jepsen…they have great vocal chemistry and I wish to see more of these two doing duets in the future!  I actually got a little surprised when Ke$ha released Die Young because it’s kind of pop but not like the songs she’s known for.  It’s a bit like her older stuff, but a little more pop/generic…I still liked it for what it’s worth.  I know I’m also going to be shunned a little, but I actually liked one Justin Bieber song…Beauty and a Beat might be sung by Justin, but it felt like it was totally different and a lot less cheesy in both lyrics and arrangement.  Plus Nicki was there, what’s so wrong with that?

10. Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music (Fortune)


There’s been times where I’ve loved Chris’ music but then hated other songs he’s done.  Turn Up The Music was badass and the energy from it is probably the fiercest dance track he’s done.  I loved it and is probably my favorite from him since “Forever”.

9. Icona Pop – I Love It (Iconic EP)


Even though the song was mainly popularized because of it’s tie-in with Snooki & Jwoww, Icona Pop’s I Love It was my main electro buzz this year.  From the anthemic lyrics to the gritty synth arrangement, this song was definitely up my alley and it was quirky and cool to listen to…definitely a song I wasn’t expecting but love that it exists.

8. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Red)


I think a lot of people enjoyed Tay’s return with this song.  It was charming, a lot of people went through what the lyrics were about which is a great way to connect with fans…and the video was random as hell.  I just loved the hook of the song and it’s one of Taylor’s fun songs but with a twist so I really liked this song!

7. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Kiss)


Another song that really got a lot of attention this year, Call Me Maybe was incrdibly addictive and it spawned so many parodies that it’s not even funny.  Carly hit a pretty good song with this as the lyrics are cheeky as is the MV for it (which the ending was total lulz).  One of the most addictive songs this year ^_^

6. Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side (Stronger)


Kelly’s song is also another I would think not many people would’ve guessed I liked, but this was hard and the lyrics were pure as they come because that was the main reason I really liked it next to Kelly’s powerful vocals.  It hit home and I really ended up enjoying this song!

5. P!nk – Try (The Truth About Love)


P!nk is another artist that always makes me smile whenever she releases something new.  So seeing her back, I was ecstatic and I did love the first single, but the second, Try was a lot more personal and lyrically deep for her…which includes the video it got with all the dramatic dancing.  Great song this year!

4. Kylie Minogue – Timebomb


Kind of randomly released, Timebomb was a really cool song and a good thing to release after “Aphrodite” even though it’s only a single and hasn’t exactly appeared on an album quite yet.  It’s got a lot of punch and she hasn’t lost that dance spark quite yet!

3. Owl City – When Can I See You Again? (Wreck-it Ralph Soundtrack)


Isn’t it strange that one of my favorite songs of the year came from a soundtrack?  Owl City gets a second mention with the main promo song, When Can I See You Again?  It’s so cute and charming and Adam sounds axtually strong for such a sparkly setting.  I was just surprised this wasn’t on his recent album o.0

2. Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN (Living Things)


I love Linkin Park since the beginning so once again hearing a new album made me excited and since they’ve been changing their sound to include more synths, BURN IT DOWN, the first single was a great way to show off this experimenting AND keep the band’s aggressive rock feel.  Didn’t hurt that Mike and Chester sounded badass  Awesome song from the band overall!

1. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know feat. Kimbra (Making Mirrors)


Even I think I was surprised that I loved Gotye’s song as much as I did this year.  It’s so artsy and indies that it’s also kind of eerie and cute at the same time.  Lyrically it’s a bit depressive and hearing Kimbra’s side of the story gives a lot more depth to the song.  Simple is the way to go it seemed and I made this my favorite of the year!