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Natsuko Aso – Parade! December 1, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Parade!
  3. You’re my brightness

1. Parade!

Natsuko starts the single off with Parade! which is a high-energy track which is actually a nice surprise after the last couple of singles.  She also doesn’t sound as shrill which is also another positive.  I enjoyed the guitars of the song, but some of the vocal parts from Natsuko are a bit questionable (especially the spitfire parts where she crams so many lyrics in 5 seconds).  Not the best she’s done, but its a nice track once you get over the problems.


The first B-side CROSS×OVER SENSATION shares a certain cute style like some of the singles from the last era which isn’t a bad direction, but it’s also refreshing for some reason because it’s kind of danceable and happy in a good way.  I have to say, I kind of enjoyed this more than “Parade!”.

3. You’re my brightness

Seldom do we hear Natsuko sing a ballad and it seems we get a new one with You’re my brightness which has a lot of what you expect from piano and acoustic guitar to light percussion and small background sounds.  It’s nothing to over the top and it sounds like a pretty anime ending…but not something that’ll stand out anytime soon for me.



Natsuko’s 3rd single for this unnamed era is a bit underwhelming when compared to her last single, “Fighting Growing Diary” because sans CROSS×OVER SENSATION, the other two tracks didn’t really leave much of an impression.  Yeah, Parade! has guitar riffs and an energetic arrangement, but some of the lyrics were sloppily done.  As for You’re my brightness, it’s a ballad…nice…but nothing new and Natsuko has done better ballads (I think…).  Overall it could’ve been better.


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