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AKB48 – Eien Pressure December 3, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Eien Pressure
  2. Totteoki Christmas
  3. Tsuyogari Tokei (SKE48) (Type A only)
  4. HA! (NMB48) (Type B only)
  5. Hatsukoi Butterfly (HKT48) (Type C only)
  6. Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni (OKL48) (Type D only)
  7. Watashitachi no Reason (Theater Edition only)
  8. Eien Pressure off vocal ver.
  9. Totteoki Christmas off vocal ver.
  10. Tsuyogari Tokei off vocal ver.
  11. HA! off vocal ver.
  12. Hatsukoi Butterfly off vocal ver.
  13. Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni off vocal ver.
  14. Watashitachi no Reason off vocal ver.

1. Eien Pressure

Well here we are at the Janken single and it seems like Haruka Shimazaki (Paruru) won this time around and we hear her opening the song.  Her voice is pretty weak to be honest and it’s a short intro which is no surprise.  The song itself is just really another “Chance no Junban” and “Uekara Mariko” with a little summer twist thrown in.  This song is just ultimately bland and like the other Janken singles, BORING AS FUCK!!!  I am always surprised at how terrible Aki.P gets with these singles because it comes after something amazing (this time coming after the badass “UZA”. Sorry, but this is just suckish.

2. Totteoki Christmas

Also being a Janken single, you be rest assured to see a holiday song somewhere on the single and it seems it’s with the B-side found on all editions of the single.  While they still sound lifeless in the song, the arrangement is kind of catchy and charming…I do like the song but I wished the girls didn’t sound like zombies here…you win some and you lose some I guess.

3. Tsuyogari Tokei

Then my frustrations start to lead when the singles start splitting up.  What I mean is that this time, they bring in 4 seperate ___48 groups for the B-sides.  SKE48 brings us Tsuyogari Tokei and in some ways it reminds me of “Kataomoi Finally” because of its more serious tone.  From there, I have to say it’s probably the best off the single because the arrangement sounds like it had more effort and the girls involved sound all-around more emotional, unlike in the previous two tracks.  Good track overall.

4. HA!

I wouldn’t have expected NMB to have anything less than what they got on this single with HA!  I mean you have the synth horns and the surfer-ish vibes.  It’s not a bit mixture and the song is also kind of charming, but it’s not as strong as SKE’s track which is no surprise.  I will say it can be pretty catchy, but ehhh. lol.

5. Hatsukoi Butterfly

So as I’m learning the groups, this seems to HKT’s debut song which is VERY good to hear news from them finally.  The Fukuoka 48 team gets a rather forgetful song to debut with because it sounds like “Eien Pressure” and “Chance no Junban” and a little bit of “HA!” with the horns.  Yeah, the song isn’t very memorable and is just a throwaway track given to HKT so they can debut at least.

6. Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni

Wow, so for the first time for AKB singles, there’s a seperate 4th edition and this one also features a debut for OKL48 (which is more like a one-off unit since it’s made up of members of AKB and the leader is none other than Takashi Okamura (who for idol fans is well-known for being a comedian and of course all sorts of Mechaike randomness).  It shows because everyone is dressed up as LEMONS!  Without the visual though, Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni is kind of the plain AKB song with a slight upbeat peppyness about it.  It’s a silly song and it shows with the PV and everything.  The song though isn’t anything too special.  So not very good…

7. Watashitachi no Reason

Of course the single ends out with the Theater only song and while I don’t see who’s involved in the song, Watashitachi no Reason is a bit more alive than the other songs which is pretty good to hear from them and the song isn’t too offensive or bland (well, maybe a little, but when isn’t).  It’s the best of the 3 AKB songs on here which is saying something.



Ugh this single just frustrates me so much!  Eien Pressure is a shitty Janken song and “Uekara Mariko” trumps it so strongly!  Of the two other AKB B-sides, Watashitachi no Reason is definitely the better one because it sounds alive and the girls gave a good performance.  Totteoki Christmas has a good arrangement but the girls sound dead and emotionless which is a big negative.  What really pissed me off was to see the OTHER groups get in on this single.  THIS IS AKB48, SO DON’T BE ADDING GROUPS THAT AREN’T INVOLVED HERE!!!  So after my ragequitting subsided, I have to say that SKE’s song is the best of the 4 since the other three were plain and boring…Definitely a poor single overall!


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