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Best of 2012: Debutees & ARTISTS BLOWOUT (I guess?) December 4, 2012

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It’s strange, this year there didn’t seem to be a lot of debuts when compared to last year…even with the artists I know that I haven’t reviewed that still is a pretty small number….but I tried to get a couple.



So the first artist that debuted, Leo Ieiri was coined as the next ayaka/YUI and so far she has shown a lot of potential for the future.  This year alone, she has released three singles (Sabrina, Shine, and Bless You) before she released her debut album, LEO in October. She’s rising to be quite popular and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013!


Ever since Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 began, I’ve always said that I wanted Mayuyu to go solo and invade ORICON with her cuteness and she did!  She’s really only released three singles (Synchro Tokimeki, Otona Jelly Beans, and Hikaru Monotachi) and with a possibility of an album looming in the distance, she’s becoming one of the better soloists to come off from AKB48!


Even though she was well-known as part of binaria and she was the lead vocalist during supercell’s second album era, Nagi finally got hold of the reins and debuted with solo works in 2012.  Like the previous artsts, she too has also released three singles in Vidro Moyou, Ambivalentiea, and Laterality.  I hope an album comes soon!


Known better as Show Luo, SHOW is a pretty well-known name in China, but it seems he wanted a taste of Japan and in 2012 kickstarted his career in Nippon with his first single DANTE in February and MAGIC in June before releasing his first original Japanese album, THE SHOW in September.  Not bad, but hopefully he’ll continue in Japan!


Remember Team DEKARIS back in the end of 2009?  Well it seems like the group reformed (Arisa Noto, Maho Matsunaga, Yui Ogura, and Kaori Ishihara) and got renamed to StylipS (of course, this group doesn’t have ties to their old name).  They released three singles this year: STUDY×STUDY, MIRACLE RUSH, and Choose me♡Darling to which they’ve been gradually getting more popular with each release.  They have a mini announced for 2013 titled “Step One!!” so I can’t wait to hear what’ll be on it!


Finally in February we got Yukino who hasn’t fully popped out into the mainstream zone, but she has loads of potential from her debut mini, You make me blue….however the rest of the year has gone by with nothing from her until the announcement of her first single RanTiKi in February of next year!



Up Up Girls (Kari) actually formed in 2011 by a good portion of the Hello Pro! Eggs that had finished training at that time (sans Yuu Kikkawa and Sayaka Kitahara who both went solo).  This lively group consisting of Minami Sengoku, Konatsu Furukawa, Akari Saho, Ayano Sato, Saki Mori, Azusa Sekine, and Manami Arai and they REALLY busted down the doors this year.  With the added fact they are also UFSZ, the group had so much work and it showed with a whopping 8 SINGLES this year.  Which were Going my ↑, Barebare I LOVE YOU, Uppercut!/Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow, Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ, Namen na! Ashi Girls/Marvel Hero, End Of The Season, UPPER ROCK/Ichiban Girls, and finally Chopper☆Chopper/Survival Girls (in which the last single was released under their new label T-Palette)….yeah they get the crown for release whores this year XD.


Technically they debuted last year, but they were more of unit that is really only for Sakura Gakuin.  This year though with their surge of popularity, managed to debut as their own unit with their joint release with Kiba of Akiba.  Then released another single Headbanger!! and another single coming up next month with Ijime, Dame, Zettai.  This group is just impressing me on so many levels!



Like Shuhei Kita, HIMEKA, Sayaka Sasaki, and Marina Kawano before her, Konomi Suzuki was the winner of 2011’s ANIMAX competition and finally debuted in April of this year with her single, CHOIR JAIL and then released her second, DAYS of DASH in November.  She kind of reminds me of Sayaka in how she’s releasing the singles but she’ll find her niche soon enough!



Just seems like a lot of models are turning into singers nowadays (there’s a couple that have debuted this year that I haven’t paid attention to)  Kavka Shishido though is impressive since she’s a percussionist and that always wins me over.  She did debut in May with a digital single in Day Dream Rider, but officially released her first physical Aisuru Kakugo in September, I hope to see more of her next year because she’s really got potential too!



So one of the newer Korean groups formed last year, decided to debut in Japan after only one single in Korea and so be that their first song in JPN is their debut in KOR.  They have two singles out here with Message and What’s Up…hope to see more next year!


Not much is known about Rola except she’s a model turned singer and she debuted with Memories which was tied to Pokemon: Best Wishes…after that nothing…one off deal or is she really just waiting for the next thing?



Everyone knows who Tomoko Kawase is right?  Well she’s the creator of our next group who debuted in August with their mini-album, A☆M☆O☆Y☆A☆M☆O.  Then in November they released their true debut, LET’S GO OUT.  Not bad for a duo created by Tommy…hopefully they’ll last MUCH longer that Tommy☆angels.



I don’t know too much about these girls but they’re all models coming together to form this kind of quote-on-quote super group.  Together so far, they’ve only released one single in ROCK STAR.  Let’s hope there’s a second in the works.


It’s hard to find an idol group that’s somewhat original with the amount that are around these days but panache! is trying to be more like a cosplay idol unit which is a bit new to me for sure.  They look bright and cute so it might be cool to hear.  They’ve only released Kirameki Miraizu and I’m excited to hear more.


Like the Weather Girls. I’m not sure what the whole idea of the group is but they’re from Taiwan so that must mean something right?  They’ve only released their first single Koi no Tenki Yohou this year but it sounds like their might be a second in the works…Hopefully they’ll stick on to me.



I really don’t know what’s with avex and their sudden interest in idols groups the last couple of years (I guess they’re just following the trend huh?)  Their newest addition is tagged as an anison idol group and well i☆Ris haven’t been together long enough to show off their personalities or real style with their lone single for the year, Color.  They will probably gain some push next year but right now they don’t stand out to me lol.


The last artist I added that debuted this year is still kind of hard to find much info about, but I know he’s a seiyuu so it’s no surprise his debut, magic words was well anison lol.  Hope to hear more from him in the future!


I was wondering when I’d get a new electro artist to simply enjoy this year and it seems that Yun*chi is another model turned singer but she has the added effect that she’s on asobisystem (the same record company as Kyarypamyupamyu).  She only released her self-titled debut but it’s not true worry as it’s November


2012 must seriously have been the year for models to turn into singers because Yurika debuted at the end of the month of her cover of Ann Lewis’ Roppingi Shinjuu…it’s actually not that bad of a cover and she’s got potential as her voice is powerful enough to do wonders!  Hope to see more!


SOOOO…there you have it….Comment if any of these artists impress you or any other debutees of 2012 have….

(EDIT: since I guess I added a bunch of new artists, why don’t I just call it an ARTISTS BLOWOUT which means writing up a profile for Fairies


Fairies debuted last year so they aren’t with the above artist/groups.  Anyways I added them because while I have a love/hate relationship with them, they got potential to lead avex in with solid vocals and dances (though TG’S seem to be the group that avex spends their cash on clearl) XDDD…I’ve reviewed all 5 of the current singles they’ve released so I hope an album is on the way!+++++++++++


One Response to “Best of 2012: Debutees & ARTISTS BLOWOUT (I guess?)”

  1. utauhoshii Says:

    What about Sashihara Rino?? AKB48 member which topped Oricon Daily with both her two singles, and Weekly with her second one. She did pretty well too?

    And Enka AKB48 member Iwasa Misaki. She is in category for Best New Artist at Japan Record Awards.

    Overall, Ieiri Leo goes at Rookie of The Year!!

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