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Yukino – You make me blue December 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. You make me blue
  2. BaDream ~Warui Yume~
  3. Tell me why?
  4. Cry and Cry
  5. Aitai

1. You make me blue

Starting the mini-album off, Yukino opens with the promo song for the mini and she starts off quite strongly to show her pipes which are really impressive to me at first listen.  I was surprised to hear synths involved but that actually adds a little spice to the song because it still remains as this ballad that has little tricks up its sleeves.  Suffice to say, I really enjoyed the song though and a good choice to debut with!

2. BaDream ~Warui Yume~

Since I did manage to only hear You make me blue back in the past, I was curious to how the rest of the mini fared.  Starting with BaDream, it’s got a great laidback feel about that fits with Yukino’s light vocals as well…it’s just really cute yet funky and yet so chill.  Another pretty tune here!

3. Tell me why?

I think I really dig Yukino’s sound on this mini-album so far.  Tell me why? has a pretty funky vibe to it but unlike the previous two tracks, this is actually upbeat and while it doesn;t showcase Yukino’s powerful vocals, the song is still quite enjoyable and the chorus was different for sure.  Her voice goes into a higher register and sounds more younger LOL.  Actually she pulls off the vocals quite nicely!  Yeah this is really good!

4. Cry and Cry

The horns are placed to the forefront for our next track and we get another unique song here which is pretty funky as well but in a good way!  This girl has a lot of power and she definitely had a lot of fun with this song!  It’s definitely an impressive track and is probably one of my favorites from the mini!

5. Aitai

The album closes out kind of like the same way “You make me blue” opened but the song is a bit more closer to “BaDream” with the chilled out arrangement that lulls me into a relaxed state.  It’s great to see what Yukino can do with her vocals because she’s pretty damn good…add in that nice guitar solo and I’m just like impressed!



WOW, this is a pretty damn amazing debut we have here.  Yukino has a WHOLE LOT of potential for future release because she has this soulful groove to her that fits all of the songs she sung on the mini-album and the arrangements were pretty good as well!  I can’t wait to see more of her next year *RECOMMENDED*


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