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Yun*chi – Yun*chi December 4, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Reverb*
  2. Guruguru*
  3. Believe*
  4. Mekurumekuru*
  5. Surfer*

1. Reverb*

When I first heard this song (promo song), I kind of thought it was Nakata at the reins, but it really is kz (who I know of through his VOCALOID works).  Reverb* is a pretty sparkly little technopop track that suits the atmosphere.  I quite like the song a bit but Yun*chi’s vocals remind me of YUKI’s vocals in an odd way.  Still the song is catchy and the chorus is bumpin’!  I quite like the song despite the vocals being a little meh.

2. Guruguru

The rest of the mini is also produced by kz and I’m happy with that decision.  Our next track on the mini, Guruguru takes off the multitudes of auto-tune from the previous track so we get to hear more of what Yun*chi sounds like naturally which really sounds like YUKI.  The song at first sounded nice but then there’s that dubstep breaking into the track and I’m just kind of like over it. 

3. Believe*

Yun*chi slows down for the third track and the vocal filters return which isn’t toally bad because I like the light-hearted nature of this song since she sounds cute and the slow-moving arrangement is kind of fantasy-like.  It’s a nice song though overall.

4. Mekurumekuru*

Mekurumekuru* could be considered similar to the previous track, but this song is a bit more vibrant with a bit more oomph going on in the track and I’m loving the deep synths in the verses.  Though her voice kind of irks me in the song…it’s really shrill and doesn’t fit the arrangement much.

5. Surfer*

The mini ends with Surfer* which sounds so totally unlike the rest of the mini-album.  I kind of like the 80’s vibe I get from this song and while Yun*chi kind of shrills on by.  It’s a cute song though, but I don’t think Yun*chi got the title right (it sounds like she’s saying sofa XD).  Oh well lol



I’m surprised that Yun*chi is from the same label as Kyarypamyupamyu but then again with her slight electropop style, it really isn’t that surpising.  Her self-titled debut mini isn’t bad but there’s not a lot to remember it by (kind of like how I felt about “Moshi Moshi Harajuku”).  I’m sure she’ll get better after this but this mini isn’t totally memorable for me.


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