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Safarii – Sayonara ~Mou Anata ni Kaeranai~ December 5, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Sayonara ~Mou Anata ni Kaeranai~
  2. Summer Lover
  3. Oh my Girl
  4. Sayonara ~Mou Anata ni Kaeranai~ -Instrumental-

1. Sayonara ~Mou Anata ni Kaeranai~

Though it’s been a while since this song has been out, I finally get to review the single!  Sayonara is one of the trio’s more upbeat and sweet-sounding tracks since it mixes their R&B vibes with this fitting island tone.  Of course Sophia sounds pleasant and AK does his lines just as nice as well.  It’s a good non-offensive track from the group so that’s a good thing!

2. Summer Lover

Which is kind of the problem of Summer Lover which is basically the same song but a little more brighter?  I don’t know but when I listen to this track after “Sayonara”, it really feels like this is just a bit of a clone which more of a summer vibe hence the title.  I guess I shouldn’t be totally disappointed, but I kind of am with this track.

3. Oh my Girl

By the time this song begins, I’m already tired of hearing Safarii here.  Oh my Girl though sees the single kind of taking more of an R&B take and it seems like AK does a lot more than he did in the previous songs but Sophia still takes up the prominent parts.  I do like hearing AK more especially his parts in the choruses.  Not bad…



I know it’s been a long time since this was released but finally I was able to lol.  Sayonara isn’t a bad song but this isn’t totally their best song because it’s a bit too safe.  Summer Lover suffered the same fate but it felt like a clone of the A-side…Oh my Girl though was a pretty catchy song and is the best off the single.  Hopefully it won’t be long before they announce a new single!


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