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AMOYAMO – LET’S GO OUT December 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. OMG!!
  3. Freeze! (Regular only)
  4. Pray (Limited only)


As it’s the groups actual debut, LET’S GO OUT sounds pretty punk rock which suits them quite nicely since their vocals are a bit higher but have some edge to them.  AYAMO’s vocals are better though because they aren’t as shrill as AMO’s in this song.  I’m a little surprised of the lack of synths, but hey whatever works, this song is quite catchy and kind of reminds me of PUFFY.

2. OMG!!

The B-side found on all editions is kind of like the stuff we’ve heard from their debut mini-album but this is lacking something when compared to other tracks.  I know they’re trying to be a little more cuter, but the arrangement had nothing to really yay about.  Even AYAMO sounded bored of the song too XD.  Oh well….

3. Freeze!

At least the Regular edition song amps things back up to speed with Freeze!  I love the grittier guitar riffs but I’m still not sold on AMO fitting with this atmosphere because she’s a bit too high. I think if the song was a bit quicker and had a stronger backbone, this song would’ve grew to be one of my favorites because it has a lot of many things that I like.  It’s a really catchy tune TBH.

4. Pray

On the limited editions though we get a cover.  Being produced by Tomoko Kawase, it was bound to happen and we have a cover of Tommy heavenly6’s track, Pray.  Actually when I listened to it, it’s how I sort of imagined how it would sound had it been Tommy february6 would’ve done it but with two vocalists.  That being said, this isn’t a bad cover and I don’t find much to really bag it…so this is good!



AMOYAMO’s debut single isn’t bad and is a step up from the mini-album (even though they both have the same amount tracks..?).  LET’S GO OUT didn’t have anything that was deemed to annoying but I did find OMG!! to be quite boring.  The lead track is rockin’ and had some good stuff going and Freeze! as well though that track needed a little more power behind it and finally their Th6 cover was actually good…not better, but worthy for them.  Though if there was one thing I’d wanna see more of…it’s AYAMO…she’s clearly the better singer here… 


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