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BABYMETAL – Headbanger!! December 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Headbanger!!
  2. U.ki.U.ki★Midnight
  3. Headbanger!! (Air Vocal Ver.)
  4. U.ki.U.ki★Midnight (Air Vocal Ver.)

1. Headbanger!!

I was wondering what BABYMETAL would released even with the two songs that I’ve know since I’ve reviewed both SakuGaku albums but here we are at the groups first true A-side (that isn’t a joint single) and Headbanger!! is pretty edgy like all their previous songs and I’m just really loving the song since it’s about as fierce as their previous songs.  Though there is no rap interlude so it’s definitely no “Ii ne!”.  I’ve also started to notice that SU-METAL is kind of the lead vocalist while they other two are more like support but not really since they don’t do much either.

2. U.ki.Uki★Midnight

Yay!  The group has their first B-side and this song mixes in some synths alongside the heavy guitars and angry mood.  Though this song kind of is their lightest track to date when compared to the three other songs they have.  It has moments though like the growling and whispers.  However what sets this apart is that is has dubstep thrown in there too which makes the song a bit strange as a package but it’s not bad of a song. 



I was wondering when BABYMETAL would finally get a single to themselves and they finally managed it with Headbanger!! which isn’t a bad single.  I do find that both songs aren’t as random like their first two songs, but they’re worthy to listen to over and over again…plus Headbanger!! is slightly badass lol.


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