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MYNAME – Message December 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Message (Japanese ver.)
  3. I Want To (CD+DVD A only)
  4. Everlastin’ Luv (CD+DVD B only)
  5. Message (Japanese ver.) <<off vocal ver.>>
  6. SUMMER PARTY <<off vocal ver.>>
  7. I Want To <<off vocal ver.>>
  8. Everlastin’ Luv <<off vocal ver.>>

1. Message (Japanese ver.)

Y’know, I found myself listening to the group when they first debuted last year and hearing Message, I kind of blew it off because there was a whole lot more K-pop to offer…but coming into their debut in Japan, Message finally grew on me and it’s kind of a cool and flashy track.  Even though there’s a lot of ~messageee~ going on, I still found myself jamming to track.  Plus listening to Gunwoo and Insoo singing a lot is a plus too lol.  The other members do their thing like Seyong being both a singer and rapper, while Chaejin is singing in the second verse and Jun Q is the main rapper.  Simple song to follow but it’s really catchy!


I haven’t heard the other tracks as much as I’ve spammed the hell outta “Message” but SUMMER PARTY also had a PV to go along with (even though it was pretty much a backyard get together).  The song itself is a bit more happier with the synths and giving the song a more bouncy K-pop feel.  The same line distribution is basically found here but more Gunwoo it seems but he has great vocals here as do the others.  I like “Message” more but this is a good track too.

3. I Want To

Then the single splits as the next two tracks are found on different editions.  The first is I Want To and I’m just kind of surprised at how much of a mid-tempo it is.  There’s a lot of English though which is a good thing to hear, but the song lacks oomph or the energy the previous two tracks had from Gunwoo and Insoo.  It just wasn’t that amazing of a song.

4. Everlastin’ Luv

The same thing could be said about the other song found on the B edition.  Everlastin’ Luv does have a much stronger beat and sound, but the vocals aren’t very intriguing to me and I hear a lot of Gunwoo and Insoo over all the other members (maybe some Chaejin) but this song is kind of ehhhh…I hink it’ll grow on me in time though lol.  The rapping though was strange to say the least…oh well!



I think MYNAME if they play their cards right, they can have a good career in Japan.  Their debut single Message was average to say the least.  I LOVE Message like crazy and would’ve made the Korean original near the top of 2011.  The rest of the single is kind of shruggles.  SUMMER PARTY is good and a happy song and it stood out to me.  I Want To was a bit underwhelming but it’s ok.  Everlastin’ Luv is also somewhat forgetful but the vocals were a bit more convincing.  I can’t wait to hear their next single!


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