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panache! – Kirameki Miraizu December 7, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Kirameki Miraizu
  2. Happy Synthesizer Clean Tears Remix
  3. Kirameki Miraizu (Instrumental)
  4. Happy Synthesizer Clean Tears Remix (Instrumental)

1. Kirameki Miraizu

As the debut for panache!, Kirameki Miraizu is interesting because it the group is of 3 cosplayers.  I was surprised to hear so much auto-tune in the girls voices.  Actually, their music and overall sound of the track reminds me of a harsher ClariS actually.  I wonder how the song would’ve sounded like if there wasn’t so much auto-tune present tbh.  It’s cute, but I think it would’ve been better had it not been so damn hard to tell the difference between the three ladies’ vocals.

2. Happy Synthesizer Clean Tears Remix

I didn’t expect their B-side to be a cover of a rather well-known VOCOLOID song though I’m not sure why it got a remix tab on it.  You’re essemtially getting more of the same from the previous track here so get ready for more assaults of auto-tune on your ears.  The arrangement though is cute and I love the addition of piano in midst of the synths. 



For a debut, panache! isn’t totally special but they are somewhat unique in the whole three cosplayers forming a group together.  Their debut single, Kirameki Miraizu isn’t terrible but there’s definitely problems here.  The overuse of auto-tune is probably the biggest flaw here since I couldn’t tell who was singing what through both tracks.  Happy Synthesizer is a good cover though and I like it a bit more than the original strangely enough.  I’m curious to see what they’ll do next as a group!


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