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9nine – White Wishes December 12, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. White Wishes
  2. Romantic moon
  3. Chikutaku☆2NITE (tofubeats renux)
  4. White Wishes (Instrumental)
  5. Romantic moon (Instrumental)

1. White Wishes

Of course, 9nine would be a group to release a Christmas song with White Wishes.  This song is definitely a jolly and simple track from the group which might be cutting it because white this song is a butt ton better than “Yie Ar! Jiang Shi”, it’s still surprisingly to the books.  The members are mostly singing together It’s fitting to the holidays, but as for a song from 9nine?  This is kind of weak.

2. Romantic moon

When Romantic moon comes up, it’s like why wasn’t this promoted as the leading track x.x  It’s a bit slower, but this song has more of that trademark 9nine sound that we’ve got from their last album.  The vocals though on the lower side of the spectrum since they sound rough in various areas and well they sound a bit meh as well.  It’s slightly better than the A-side, but not by much.

3. Chikutaku☆2NITE (tofubeats remix)

Since their last single didn’t have a tofubeats remix, 9nine came back to it with Chikutaku☆2NITE.  The remix like the others are more electronic (since tofubeats is doing, DUH!).  I actually kind of like the cool instrumentation because it retains its cute factor,but has a certain 80’s feel and felt like it’s one of the better remixes to come from them.



9nine’s third single to close out 2012 with is rather bleh.  I mean, if I had to compare it to their last single they’re equal but that single was a lot polarizing unlike here where it’s kind of in the mediocre area in both tracks.  White Wishes though is suited for the season so it makes sense and you can’t really hate it, but it is bleh as a standalone.  Romantic moon had potential but the poor vocals and lack of unity just didn’t work.  The best thing to come off the single is oddly enough the remix which was cute, sparkly, and fun to listen to.  I hope the group gets out of this slump…


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