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Daichi Miura – Right Now/Voice December 12, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Right Now
  2. Voice
  3. Far away

1. Right Now

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for Daichi’s dance tracks and it seems we get a new one with Right Now which has a really cool arrangement and sort of feels like a follow-up to “Delete My Memories” with it’s energetic tone and and smooth vocals from Daichi as well.  It’s a really cool track and I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while.

2. Voice

As the other A-side of the single, Voice might be a little slower than “Right Now”, but it has a lot of impact to make up for that.  Daichi’s vocals are a bit more risky as he’s singing a lot of higher notes (especially in the chorus) but it fits the nature of the song because it sounds dark and yet, mysterious.  It’s a really cool song as well and totally deserved to be the other A-side.

3. Far away

The lone B-side, Far away I thought was going to be a ballad, but the song kind of grew into another dance track with a cool beat and Daichi under some echo filters here.  It kind of reminds of “DANTE” from SHOW but it could just be coincedence.  I have to say, this is really nice and the song comes from the quiet areas to the dance track so effortlessly…it’s really good!



I knew Daichi was going to eventually release something that I was going to adore from beginning to end and Right Now/Voice is definitely my favorite single from Daichi now!  All three tracks show off the various identities of his style and they all were amazing tracks!  *RECOMMENDED* FOR SURE!


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