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Up Up Girls – Chopper☆Chopper/Survival Girls December 12, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Chopper☆Chopper
  2. Survival Girls
  3. Chopper☆Chopper (Instrumental)
  4. Survival Girls (Instrumental)

1. Chopper☆Chopper

It’s kind of hard to tell what Chopper☆Chopper was really about because this song is kind of like “Uppercut!” but with a lot more synths present.  It’s feisty and the lyrics are sung pretty fast by the members which is quite something to hear.  I like it, it’s still not up with the bests like “UPPER ROCK” and “Barebare I LOVE YOU”, but it’s better than others so this kind of lies in the middle for me.

2. Survival Girls

Though for enjoying “UPPER ROCK” so much, they seem to have tried it again with Survival Girls which has this clock theme because there’s ticking going on in the beginning of the song.  It was pretty good right up until the chorus where the repetition began and I kind of got annoyed by it all.  Though the verses are really nice to hear by the ladies.  Still that chorus was icky!



As their final single of the year (thank god!) and their first single under the indies label, T-Palette, Chopper☆Chopper/Survival Girls in an average single.  I liked the primary A-side’s energetic arrangement and the girls sounded like they were having fun with this song…Survival Girls though is kind of annoying to listen to so it didn’t really get high marks from that.  I am curious as to how they’ll do next year! ^_^


One Response to “Up Up Girls – Chopper☆Chopper/Survival Girls”

  1. gustave154 Says:

    you should watch their concert performance of the songs… it makes the song more better because of their dancing and how energetic they are…
    up up girls are just so damn awesome.

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