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Mano Erina – NEXT MY SELF December 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Seishun Rainbow
  3. NEXT MY SELF (Instrumental)


I was kind of expecting Erina to at least have made her final A-side to be kind of badass like her previous tracks, but it’s really more of like what she started out.  A lot of piano in the track, but carries that lighthearted atmosphere Erina has known to have since she debuted.  The song is quite harmless though and she sounds good in the song.  For a final H!P track though, it’s a bit ehhh…but fitting to the occasion.

2. Seishun Rainbow

The B-side of the single is a lot like the stuff from her last released album, “More Friends Over” because it’s upbeat and has that kind of catchy riff about it that would do well in live performances.  Actually it kind of reminds me a lot of “21 Seikiteki Ren’ai Jijou” because of the way it was handled.  That being said, it’s not bad, but not really original I suppose.



As this is Erina’s final single under H!P before her graduation, I wasn’t surprised that I was a little underwhelmed by her final single.  “Song for the DATE” sounded amazing and I thought she was going to keep at that (that was before she announced her graduation).  NEXT MY SELF isn’t totally bad but it’s kind of like her singles in the last couple of eras…good…but ultimately forgetful.  Same for Seishun Rainbow, it’s kind of familiar to the point where it’s just too similar to past songs.  Since she did announce an album (whether or not remains if its her final studio album or a simple best album) it makes me a lil sad she’s leaving since she was the only soloist.


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