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supercell – Giniro Hikousen December 14, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Giniro Hikousen
  2. Lillemor
  3. Gekijou-ban Anime Eiga [Narawareta Gakuen] Tokuhou yo BGM
  4. Giniro Hikousen -Instrumental-
  5. Lillemor -Instrumental-

1. Giniro Hikousen

A seven minute song to deal with and it’s a ballad track?  I had a lot of worries coming into this song because I still can not take Koeda’s vocals for the life of me.  In Giniro Hikousen, Koeda isn’t terrible here, but she still is a bit pitchy and thin in places and is definitely didn’t help that the song was as long as it was…it just dragged most of the time. 

2. Lillemor

I found the acoustic guitar in the intro of the B-side was pretty unique and kind of cute since it sort of fits with Koeda’s vocals.  Until she sings out in the chorus and it’s kind of weird and she sounds messy and out of pitch most of the time.  If only Nagi was still singing, she’d make this amazingly pretty, but with Koeda, it’s a trainwreck.



I really wish this era would come to a close so ryo can find a new singer because this is the third single with Koeda and it’s more of the same, she’s really not getting any better and I’m loathing for the future album since it’s going to sound gross with Koeda on it…Ugh…Giniro Hikousen isn’t totally bad with her vocals, but the song is a total borefest while Lillemor is just off pitch and just didn’t work…I wonder if there’s a style that works with her voice…


3 Responses to “supercell – Giniro Hikousen”

  1. luka Says:

    I really like Koeda… though I agree first track isn’t great

  2. Jen Says:

    hello, do you know supercell has another singer called Chelly? Though her band is called EGOIST but still by supercell and I think Chelly’s singing ability is better than Koeda (kinda sound a bit similar to Nagi’s voice? ). I think you should do review on Chelly (EGOIST), it will be interesting to hear your thought about her since she also joined supercell the same time as Koeda.

  3. hashi Says:

    I completely disagree. I think Koeda is the greatest singer I’ve heard since the early Onitsuka Chihiro. I can understand why people think she’s excessive, because she is. But she is a musical and vocal genius, for me. Ryo says she is like a human sound mixer, able to remember every part of every take and then put the best bits together from memory to sing her final version. Chelly’s good, and Nagi’s excellent, but for me Koeda is in a higher league altogether. Try her self-written and -accompanied solo pieces, which she has published on Sound Cloud. https://soundcloud.com/koe_da

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