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moumoon – DREAMER DREAMER/Doko e mo Ikanai yo December 15, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Doko e mo Ikanai yo
  3. Midori no Michi
  4. DREAMER DREAMER (instrumental)
  5. Doke e mo Ikanai yo (instrumental)
  6. Midori no Michi (instrumental)


In recent times, moumoon hasn’t really brought their A game for a while but at least with DREAMER DREAMER, the song sounds really cool and YUKA just has a really cute tone and I’m just loving the whole atmospheric feel of the song, but with a little edge to it.  Even though I still think “Love is Everywhere” is the era’s best song that is pretty damn close…it’s catchy andis a very cool track from the duo!

2. Doko e mo Ikanai yo

The secondary A-side, Doke e mo Ikanai yo is a much lighter affair as it’s kind of a chilled out and light song overall.  Even though I enjoy YUKA in this song singing in a very quiet tone, the song kind of is basic and kind of a bit too empty.  I want to enjoy it, but the song is really boring to me…

3. Midori no Michi

Which isn’t helping the B-side of the single because it’s really more of the same but with a little more push behind it.  YUKA still sounds soft and pleasant, but when she’s given a mid-tempo like this, she kind of settles in the background for me for some reason.  At least I can say that she had a bit more conviction in her voice and she gets stronger in the chorus which is a godsend.  Overall it’s a pleasant song, not better than “DREAMER DREAMER” but in the middle of the single.



As the fourth and final single before their album, “PAIN KILLER” comes out, I’d have to say that DREAMER DREAMER/Doke e mo Ikanai yo is an all right single, not the best but not crappy at least. DREAMER DREAMER is a pretty awesome song and I’m happy it was promoted more than Doko e mo Ikanai yo because that song is REALLY boring to me…and Midori no Michi just lies in the middle of it all, not bad, but not amazing either.  I’m rather curious to how the album will turn out considering some of the songs that came out from the 4 singles…


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