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Kaya – Nocturne December 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Marionette
  2. Coppelia
  3. Kugutsu 2012

1. Marionette

The first track on the single opens quietly with a pretty violin solo before the song moves into Kaya’s signature darkwave style and it’s very elegant yet very creepy (sounds like an ALI PROJECT song, but with Kaya’s deep vocals).  It’s kind of like a lot of his past songs so it’s not offensive or anything, but I think there’s a lot better out there.

2. Coppelia

If I thought “Marionette” was dark, then this is kind of extreme lol.  Coppelia is definitely fitting to the theme of the single which is goth.  To me, the song felt like it needed something more in its arrangement because it sounded kind of empty compared to the previous track.  It’s kind of creepy though in a way especially with Kaya singing in that distant, whispery tone.  I think I could grow into really liking it, but for right now…it stands as ok.

3. Kugutsu 2012

It’s been a while but we get a new version of one of Kaya’s indies songs, this time Kugutsu from “Hyakkiyagyou” got a new touchup.  Back then, I kind of thought it was a nice track but a bit too slow for me.  The new version is has a bit more going on from what I remembered about it and it still is an evil song to listen to ^_^.  It’s not a bad touch-up but there’s something going on in that chorus…like some warbling effect on his voice…that wasn’t good…but this is still a dark song overall and I think I’m enjoying it more (the original and the new take).



As the third single of the era, Nocturne isn’t as strong as “SALOME” was but falls in between that and “Vampire Requiem” to be honest.  All three tracks have something potentially great about it, but they all have their own issues like Marionette not standing out in Kaya’s A-sides, Coppelia’s empty arrangement, but solid vocals in that song.  Kugutsu is a good track, but some of the vocal choices were a bit shady…still not a bad single, but not his best.


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