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NEWS – WORLD QUEST/Pokopon Pekorya December 17, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Pokopon Pekorya
  3. Hello (Regular edition only)
  4. Quintastic! (Limited B only)
  5. 36ºC (Limited B only)
  6. WORLD QUEST (Original Karaoke)
  7. Pokopon Pekorya (Original Karaoke)
  8. Hello (Original Karaoke)


I was wondering what NEWS would pull after that ick that was “Chankapana”, but it seems that the quartet would release WORLD QUEST which has a lot of similar K-pop ties since it’s very danceable and all the guys get to have some solo time with the song for sure.  I actually really enjoyed the song and even though one of the guys kind of sounded strange in the song (who that might be is kind unknown at the moment, Shigeaki perhaps?).  Still this is actually a pretty awesome song for the most part ^_^.

2. Pokopon Pekorya

Moving to the other A-side of the single, Pokopon Pekorya might be the strangest Johnny’s song I’ve heard yet because at first the marching drums were kind of cool, but using bagpipes (or keyboards that sound like such) was just a tad weird.  Once the guys comes in, it sounds really cutesy (even for them) and I’m just kind of turned off by the song entirely.  The chorus is catchy, but goddamn is this song corny as hell.

3. Hello

Then the single kind of forks off into it’s version exclusives.  Hello only appears on the Regular edition of the release and it’s your typical Johnny’s ballad here, but it’s a little more of a mid-tempo but still classified as a ballad.  I think it’s a nice track and the guitar solo (as random as it was) is pretty damn good as well.  Kind of makes up for that ickyness in the last track.

4. Quintastic!

For the NEWS fans that liked “Chankapana”, it feels like Quintastic! might be the answer to that.  It’s also got a funky, disco-like aura about it and oddly enough, I found myself actually enjoying this song because all the guys really sound surprisingly awesome in the track.  If it wasn’t for “WORLD QUEST”, I’d prolly say this was my favorite off the single…that says a lot lol.

5. 36ºC

The other track found on the Limited B alongside “Quintastic!” it felt like 36ºC was supposed to replace “Hello” because they have a VERY similar sound.  It’s also a mid-tempo ballad, but this feels a bit more to-the-books so it just kind of came off as plain to me.  There’s even no guitar solo to be found either!  Yeah, borrrrring.



As this is NEWS’ second single as a quartet, WORLD QUEST/Pokopon Pekorya is a better single but it also has some shocking faults.  WORLD QUEST, Quintastic!, and Hello were pretty good songs and they all stood out more than any of the songs from “Chankapana” did.  36ºC is just really plain and sounds like similar ballads they’ve done as a group so it really is forgetful while Pokopon Pekorya (even with the catchy chorus) is just an embarassment from them…they’re too old for this kind of shit…leave it for Sexy Zone for Kisumai….


One Response to “NEWS – WORLD QUEST/Pokopon Pekorya”

  1. rk_kzy_223 Says:

    Well… I didn’t really like this single actually. I don’t know why…
    Agree… NEWS just weird for singing Pokopon Pekorya. I think this is so Sexy Zone or Hey!Say! JUMP.

    I hope you review KAT-TUN. I think they’re different with other Johnny’s group.

    But, only if you can… :))

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