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DIR EN GREY – Rinkaku December 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Rinkaku
  2. Kiri to Mayu
  3. Rinkaku Eternal Slumber Mix

1. Rinkaku

I was curious to what DIR EN GREY would release after taking that small hiatus for Kyo to kind of relax his vocal chords.  They return with Rinkaku and it kind of shows that his vocals are a little raspier than in the last couple of singles but he’s pushing his vocals as he’s singing in a much higher tone than before.  I am a bit surprised to not hear Kyo do his yells and death growls but this makes the song seem a bit smoother like “LOTUS”.  Not a bad song and the whole dark riffs from the band sound really pretty oddly enough.  It was really different for the group, but I can understand why.

2. Kiri to Mayu

Moving to the B-side, the song was definitely more of what I know of DIRU with it’s heavier sound and I guess Kyo wasn’t told to lay off from the vocals because he’s doing ALL of his vocal tricks here which is pretty damn surprising coming after the softer-tinged “Rinkaku”.  I wish I knew what the hell Kyo was saying but it’s like coming off as gibberish hahah.  At first I didn’t think we’d hear clear vocals, but there’s a short part, past the halfway mark.  I’m so not used to this and I don’t think Kyo has done this much growling/screaming in quite a while in JUST one song.

3. Rinkaku Eternal Slumber Mix

A remix on a DIRU single?  Ok…well Rinkaku gets one and it’s a bit more quieter of a remix as there’s some chanting and some arrangement changes.  I kind of like the dragging feel of this version and since it’s a bit more quiet, I felt like this was pretty damn good mixing it with Kyo’s vocals. 



I was kind of worried with Kyo having throat issues that he’d have to cut back on some of the stuff he was pulling, and at first I thought that was the case with Rinkaku because most of the song he was just singing in his lighter (but higher pitched vocals) but then Kiri to Mayu comes on and all he’s doing is growling/shrieking through 95% of the song lol.  At least he’s still capable of it even if the song was kind of a headache.  The remix of Rinkaku to me was better than the original, but I’m sure bigger fans will LOVE the main version more.  Good single overall, but Kiri to Mayu >.>


One Response to “DIR EN GREY – Rinkaku”

  1. Cyr Says:

    I agree with the second track…I dont care for those tracks as much….and I love the creepy atmosphere of the remix…(though Akira Yamaoka did the remix…so it does explain the creepyness….hes the composer of the Silent Hill soundtracks)

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