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Koda Kumi – Koishikute December 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Koishikute
  2. Alone

1. Koishikute

Fitting that since Kuu is releasing this single two days after Christmas, she would put out Koishikute (her Winter ballad of the season).  That being said when compared to her other songs released in similar fashion, this is little less wintry but definitely fitting into her collection of ballads.  I really liked this song though because Kuu sounds amazing and she pulled it off…it still isn’t her best, but it’s definitely up there.

2. Alone

Interestingly enough, Kuu did a cover for the B-side which is Mayo Okamoto’s Alone and unfortunately being another ballad, the song is kind of a frown point for me.  Though there is a beat to kind of keep things going without making it a total bore, but her vocals aren’t as impressive as they were “Koishikute”.  It isn’t terrible but being placed next to the A-side is kind of making this sound more bland than it should.



After “Go to the top”, I was pretty sure she’d follow-up with a ballad because of the release date and Koishikute was a pretty good attempt and it fits with the other good ballads she’s done.  Alone could’ve been too, but I felt bored after a while.  Short single and a pretty slow one too, but I think Kuu fans will enjoy it.


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