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MISIA – Back In Love Again feat. Tomoyasu Hotei December 19, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Back In Love Again feat. Tomoyasu Hotei
  2. Stay Gold
  3. The Rose (Misia Candle Night Live)

1. Back In Love Again feat. Tomoyasu Hotei

So MISIA decided to make the 3rd A-side a collaboration with Tomoyasu who is a pretty respected guitar player and it shows because that’s what he’s doing in this song while MISIA takes the vocals.  The song itself doesn’t really stand out for me once again except for when Tomoyasu plays his guitar.  Without him though, the song is just really plain and kind of as forgetful as “Koi wa Owaranai Zutto”.

2. Stay Gold

I’m surprised the B-side is so short at 2:20.  Though like most of the other songs of the era, it’s a quiet ballad, but MISIA is singing in English which is a nice touch.  It’s also a lot like “Hyakunen Ai” with it’s pure simplicity with just piano.  Though it’s a bit too short which is a little depressing. 

3. The Rose (Misia Candle Night Live)

So instead of a remix, we get a live version of The Rose which is also a cover of that familiar Bette Midler song.  Like “Stay Gold” is really is only piano as the melody but this time MISIA has backup singers as well…it’s kind of nice to hear…but it’s maybe a bit too plain, but MISIA sounds good with the backups.  I don’t know…



Only released a month after “DEEPNESS”, Back In Love Again was a pretty white single as in there wasn’t a lot going for it.  Back In Love Again had the most thanks to Tomoyasu, but without him, the song would’ve ended up like both Stay Gold and The Rose where it was just too plain and boring to me…yeah it was a forgettable single for me…


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