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NICO Touches the Walls – Yume 1-gou December 27, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Yume 1-gou
  2. Kessen wa Kinyoubi
  3. Fuujin “Live from ALGORHYTMIQUE” (bonus track)
  4. Bicycle “Live from ALGORHYTMIQUE” (bonus track)
  5. Me “Live from ALGORHYTMIQUE” (bonus track)

1. Yume 1-gou

I was kind of expecting Yume 1-gou to have been a ballad considering that cover art, but this is kind of more of what they’ve sound like in recent times which is good and they work better with what they have.  Tatsuya sounds nice and fits the slower atmosphere and that chorus was kind of cool.  It’s pretty laidback, but I felt like this was a good enough A-side and I remember it better than I did with “Natsu no Daisankakkei”. 

2. Kessen wa Kinyoubi

Uhhhh…a reggae-ish track as the B-side?  I really wasn’t sure what to think of Kessen wa Kinyoubi because while it was reggae (without the steel drums?), it kind of came off as too laidback until the chorus came in and added some needed edge.  It’s like listening to 311 or something like that.  I guess it’s not too bad, but it is a little forgettable in the long run.

3. Fuujin “Live from ALGORHYTMIQUE”

So the single comes with three bonus tracks, which are also lives.  The first one if from their “Aurora” album, Fuujin.  I love Tatsuya’s energy ingetting the crowd going lol.  Seeing a I haven’t gotten through to listening to the album, this is my first time and I’m liking the energy and the band sound great overall. 

4. Bicycle “Live from ALGORHYTMIQUE”

This song at least I recognize from being on “HUMANIA”, Bicycle live is just as boring as I thought it’d be.  Unlike “Fuujin” the energy is really dissipated after the intro with Tatsuya.  It just kind of turns into a blur for me and once again like the studio cut, I just can’t seem to remember anything about the song.

5. Me “Live from ALGORHYTMIQUE”

Another song from “Aurora”, Me seemed to be just like “Bicycle” in how the song is just the normal NICO track which really doesn’t help the single nor come after the previous track either.  There’s some parts that are really good…mostly the held-out notes mostly…it still is forgettable though.



It’s been quite a while since NICO released a single, but they did good with the leading track, Yume 1-gou.  The song was really sweet and had a pretty good melody to go along.  Kessen wa Kinyoubi was at first strange for them, but it turned out good as well.  As for the bonus tracks, only Fuujin is the one that’s actually good but the other two are blaaaah to me.  Overall not bad and a good way for the band to close out 2012.


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