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UVERworld – REVERSI December 27, 2012

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Track Listing

  2. Theory to no Ketsumetsu no Kenkyuu+81
  3. ace of ace (LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2012.07.08)
  4. CORE PRIDE (LIVE at ZEPP TOKYO 2011.07.27)


As you may have already known, REVERSI is a recut song from their recent release, “THE ONE” and it was released because it’s tied to the Ao no Exorcist series.  Like I’ve said on that review, this song was great and hearing UVERworld mix synths up with their already powerful rock sound is always a great pleasure to listen to.  Definitely a solid track from the band and I’m happy they chose this to act as a recut.

2. Theory to no Ketsumetsu no Kenkyuu+81

Hm?  I’m instantly reminding my self when I saw the title of this to be similar to “Choutaisaku+81” which was the B-side from “NO.1”.  As I highly expected, it’s a lot like that song because it’s a mesh of various UVERworld songs which might impress a few, but to people that wanted a new song they aren’t getting here.  Though in the middle there’s a conversation going on (anime-related?).  It’s really strange and some songs are spruced in here and there, but Istill wonder what the point of it all was.

3. ace of ace (LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2012.07.08)

The rest of the singles are live cuts of their past songs, the first is ace of ace from their album, “LIFE 6 SENSE”.  It’s still a strange song when I listen to it, but the energy the band and TAKUYA give off is extreme and it’s really awesome to see them pull of like this.  Definitely surprising to hear and they pulled it off in a big way!, Plus the crowd there was definitely helping out as well lol!

4. CORE PRIDE (LIVE at ZEPP TOKYO 2011.07.27)

The other is their other Ao no Exorcist track, CORE PRIDE and this was the one with the major use of saxophones, but I thought they handled this song better, but the audience weren’t as heard like in “ace of ace”.  Straightforward performance, but still good nonetheless!



Even though this single was really unnecessary, REVERSI was a pretty solid choice to have been re-used for a single.  Finally closing “THE ONE” up, this single was good for the most part.  Main track is awesome, the live versions are pretty good and while Theory+81 is random and nonsensical, it did fit the single.  Overall, a pretty strong single.


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