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Momoiro Clover Z – Bokura no Century December 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Bokura no Century
  2. Sora no Curtain
  3. Momoclo Yuki Mori (Dec.)
  4. Momoclo Mega Mori
  5. Bokura no Century (off vocal ver.)
  6. Sora no Curtain (off vocal ver.)

1. Bokura no Century

I guess MomocloZ is releasing their annual Christmas single and Bokura no Century has a very holday-heavy arrangement which isn’t a terrible thing but after “Shiroi Kaze”, this does kind of seem meh when compared, but it’s a lot better than “Santa-san”.  It’s cute and charming and while the vocals aren’t as good as some of their other singles, it’s still kind of good of a song. 

2. Sora no Curtain

The single’s B-side is a nicer change of pace though because it’s kind of quirky and yet a lot softer of a song overall when compared to “Bokura no Century”.  For being actually a lighter song for the group, it actually turned out much better than I expected.  I like MomocloZ when they are on a more lighter and less random setting. 

3. Momoclo Yuki Mori (Dec.)

I’m not sure what the next two track are really about but it seems like they’re medleys of their songs?  The only reason I can come up with this is because I hear “Santa-san” being used and later on “Mouretsu Uchuu…”.  Sadly I’m not very good at guessing at what the other songs are so unfortunately I can’t help you readers with that.  There’s a bit of ~merry christmas~ thrown around which suits the title. 

4. Momoclo Mega Mori

All this is, is the previous track minus the Xmas-y things and a slightly different arrangement.  It’s still the same songs used, but otherwise it’s relaly nothing to really talk about.  I feel like I should say SOMETHING…but I’ve really said what I needed above.



So as their last release for 2012, Bokura no Century is a good single overall, but it isn’t as surprising as their last Christmas single.  Sora no Curtain is the best song off the single followed by the A-side just because they were actual good songs from the group.  The medleys were useless IMO (especially having two of them with the same idea in it).  Yeah, not bad, but not great…


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