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U-KISS – Distance… December 29, 2012

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Track Listing

  1. Distance…
  2. Love To Go
  3. One of You -LIVE IN BUDOKAN 2012.9.5- (CD only)
  4. Distance… (Instrumental)
  5. Love To Go (Instrumental)

1. Distance…

I think I’ve said it before, but U-KISS never really pulled off ballads in Japan very well and Distance… is well…a ballad and the first Japanese track without AJ in appearance.  I’m not too big of a fan here because this track just sound like a lot of their other tracks they’ve done.  I mean they needed a softer A-side after the singles they’ve put out, but damn was this boring to me.

2. Love To Go

At least they evened the single out with Love To Go is upbeat and brings out what we know from the group which is they excel at their dance tracks and this belongs with the other great dance hits they have.  Actually it’s their best dance track in the current era and that says a lot! 



*will review the live when it leaks*, U-KISS might be tiring themselves out after having such a busy 2012 and all and Distance… felt like a slight burnout with the leading track which was very typical K-pop ballad of them.  Love To Go though was the surprise of the single though and it’s a LOT better and surprised this wasn’t the A-side.  Hopefully they can recharge for the next year!


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