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Best and Worst of 2012: B-sides…DEM COUPLINGS!!! January 5, 2013

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This year in B-sides there were quite a bunch of good ones this year and there were also a lot of bad ones…kind of evened out for the most part…so let’s start it!


  • 2PM – Kimi ga Ireba (Beautiful)
  • access – Beyond the Second-D. (Wild Butterfly)
  • ALTIMA – -Indefinitely- (I’ll believe)
  • angela – THE DARK (KINGS)
  • °C-ute – Saikou Music (Aitai Aitai Aitai na)
  • Ceui – Amorossia (Kaze no Naka no Primrose)
  • D – Koori no Bohyou (Danzai no Gunner)
  • DiVA – Kanashimi no Mirage (Lost the way)
  • GRANRODEO – Mesmerize (Can Do)
  • Mami Kawada – Angel // resident of the nightmare (Borderland)
  • Marina Kawano – a long long letter (Takaramono)
  • Mayu Watanabe – Saba no Kanzume (Synchro Tokimeki)
  • Momoiro Clover Z – LOST CHILD (Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou “Mugen no Ai”)
  • Momoiro Clover Z – Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee (Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi yo)
  • Nana Mizuki – Risouron (Synchrogazer)
  • PASSPO☆ – RUIN (Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru)
  • SCANDAL – Welcome home (Taiyou Scandalous)
  • StylipS – Honey Groove (MIRACLE RUSH)
  • StylipS – Fragile Crazy (Choose me♡Darling)
  • Up Up Girls (Kari) – Cyalume (Mecha Kyun♡Summer (‘▽`)ノ)
  • UVERworld – Barbell ~Koutei no Atarashii Fuku ver.~ (7th Trigger)
  • Vanilla Beans – Himitsu (Non-Section)
  • You Kikkawa – 17sai (Koko Kara Hajimarunda!)
  • Yousei Teikoku – Zetsubou plantation (filament)
  • YUI – If you (fight)
  • Yuya Matsushita – Dream on dreamer (Kimi e no Love Song ~10nen Saki mo~)
  • Zwei – MONSTER (Kakuchou Place)

The 5 that missed out!


Like I said above, B-sides have been mostly good this year!  The first song to talk about, Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s Houkago Getobako Rock ‘n’ Roll MX (Karikeiyaku no Cinderella) is a really unique idol song for being a little more metal heavy and random of sorts…It was pretty awesome!  I’m surprised but Marina Kawano’s February March (Takaramono) was also an interesting song for me as well since Marina’s vocals were pretty and bright and the song was just a happy-go-lucky tune!  ALIPRO might not have had a busy year in comparison to previous ones but Yomi no Tasogare no, Utsurou Naru Aoki Hitomi no. (Kyomu Densen) was really dark and powerful, something I haven’t seen from the duo in a long while…one of their best B-sides!  Me and AKB48 never really see eye to eye on songs, but as a Theater Edition release they surprised me with an extremely nice ballad in Jung ya Freud no Baai (GIVE ME FIVE!).  I don’t remember exactly who was involved, but I liked this!  Last, but not least there was another ballad I loved and that was Kou Shibasaki’s Mou, Inai yo (Strength).  Very soothing to the ears and Kou just sounds lovely in it!



Beginning the top 10, I thought it would be nice to kick things off with an upbeat track in GOING DOWN…which was 10 times better than the leading track.  I love his upbeat songs and I think this was the best one he did.  It’s just cool and catchy and really suits him (though dance tracks are his strong points)! 

9. Kana Nishino – SUMMER TIME (GO FOR IT!!)


Same thing applies when talking about Kanayan’s B-side, SUMMER TIME as well!  I really liked the energy of the song and Kana seems to accels at these songs but somehow doesn’t do this much on albums…That being said, she needs more songs like this leafing her repetoire because I really liked SUMMER TIME.

8. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Discord (ROAD TO BUDOKAN 2012 ~Bad Flower~)


I’m surprsied that a TG’S B-side had impressed me as much as the leading song did this year.  I was also surprised that Discord had a tie-in to the Transformers series…something you don’t see a lot with idol groups….haha.  The song itself is a lot like their other songs…but this was really good and made better knowing the 5-nin are stronger singers too!

7. Eri Kitamura – Shine (Destiny)


Coming after her first album, I’ve kind of wanted something that was just like “re;story” and it came true with Eri’s B-side Shine.  It was very badass and Eri’s vocals are strong and powerful and fitting for such a track.  Definitely an impressive song!

6. Kie Kitano – It’s all right (Darl:orz)


There’s something so cool about Kie’s B-side from Darl:orz with it’s synthpop drive and slight 80’s fixtures.  It’s a really great song and I would’ve never expected that from her because it’s just catchy and fantastic to me!  Great song here!

5. HIMEKA – Kami to Akuma to Tenshi to Watashi (Where I belong)


For having such a long time pass by before HIMEKA reappeared on a new label, Kami to Akuma to Tenshi to Watashi is surprisingly really good and showed off HIMEKA’s power as a vocalist in a VERY good way this year!  It was even stronger with that rockin’ arrangement, it really worked and I loved this song!

4. Berryz Koubou – Loving you Too much (cha cha SING)


Berryz just had a really good year this year and they released this B-side (though it was being treated as an A-side), Loving you Too much.  As another Thai cover, this song isn’t as wild and crazy like its A-side, but it’s such a happy song and everyone sounds good (even Risako!).  It’s just such a fun song to listen to and always brightens my mood!  Plus the rapping between Captain/Miyabi is lulzy but charming!

3. RAINBOW – Hello (Gonna Gonna GO!)


I would have never expected a K-pop group hitting this high, but Hello is such a great song despite me not having been really interested in the group prior.  It starts off slowly, but gains a lot of momentum once the verses jump in,  It’s a fun song to listen to and hearing all the changes in the track makes it a fun journey…catchy song!

2. Morning Musume – Kanashiki Koi no Melody (Pyocopyoco Ultra)


If you wanted a primer on the Morning Musume members, this would be the song to go to because you get to hear everyone sing a solo line, back it up with a really cool electro arrangement and you get Kanashiki Koi no Melody!  I’m surprised they didn’t get to promote this as the leading track (good lord was it SOOOO much better than Pyoco).

1. KOKIA – life ~Seimei no Hibiki~ (New Day, New Life)


I love KOKIA’s epic songs and life was definitely the B-side of the year just for actually being that.  When KOKIA does these aggressive, but also songs with a life on their own, it really impresses me a lot (like “Fate” and “Road to Glory”.  This fits snuggly with those songs but this has more of that adventurous tone to it….Definitely blew through the other B-sides of the year in one fall swoop!


There wasn’t that many bad B-sides but they were more than 15 xD let’s check them out!

Only 3 songs didn’t make the 15?

  • Aki Toyosaki – anniversary (music)
  • Kyarypamyupamyu – 100% no Jibun ni (Fashion Monster)
  • StylipS – Session Plan! (STUDY×STUDY)

The 5 almost worst!


Yeah not many bad B-sides but there’s still enough! Starting things off, we have angela’s So sweet memories (THE LIGHTS OF HEROES) which is quite bland when compared to their previous works.  It just didn’t have that angela spark besides KATSU…so that’s not good.  Our Love (Sexy, Free, and Single) by SuJu ranks up here as that BOOORING K-pop ballad.  It just wasn’t very good and sounded a lot like their other ballads (which aren’t totally that great either).  I really am starting to dislike AKB and their summer songs and with NEW SHIP (GIVE ME FIVE!), it really came to a head and I really disliked that a LOOOOOOT!  I’m surprised to have a Yuya Matsushita song here, but Virtual World (Kimi e no Love Song ~10nen Saki mo~) had that terrible rapping in it that instantly turned me off from the song.  I just couldn’t believe he would do such a thing and it came out BAAAAD.  Another AKB song?  Yup, Mittsu no Namida (Manatsu no Sounds good!) is incredibly bland and just really doesn’t do much for me, even if the most popular members are there.  Terrible soooong!

10. Perfume – Communication (Spring of Life)


I know there isn’t many that don’t like this song, but I JUST CAN’T TAKE THIS ANNOYANCE of a song!  Perfume does cute sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and this is one of those times.  I mean the arrangement doesn’t really go anywhere and the singing is really annoying as well.  I’m just kind of over this song even before the single was released. 

9. Yui Sakakibara – Heart of Mind (Judge of a Life)


Heart of Mind, Yui’s higher pitch vocals…same reasons as I’ve complained the last couple of years.  Basically, the song I would avoid as a sort-of fan of her stuff.

8. Kana Nishino – Happy Half Year! (Watashitachi)


I just can’t with this song!  It’s so mind-numbingly cheesy and just so pale when compared to many of the other B-sides released this year from Kanayan.  I just disliked this song a lot and loathed that it was chosen for her album!



No ucio!  Don’t be covering Maroon 5’s song because it’s a song that probably shouldn’t be covered…plus LIL’s version was gross…why it was added on the album…I don’t know…bleeh

6. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – Break Out Your Stained Brain (Just Awake)


As much as I enjoyed the leading track, Break Out Your Stained Brain was a giant mess in comparison.  I mean the whole DIR EN GREY screamfest was more annoying with auto-tune involved and it just didn’t make much of melodic sense to me…Oh well…>.<

5. Kyarypamyupamyu – Kyary ANAN (Tsukema Tsukeru)


Kind of like with Perfume’s song here, Kyary ANAN is really annoying and the repetitive hooks really just took me out of the song.  I just couldn’t get into it at all and once again questioned why it was on the album ffffff.

4. Super Junior – Way (Opera)


Yeah another SuJu B-side that was even MOOOOORE boring than “Our Love”.  Way was just a borefest from start to finish and I was even starting to get sleepy after the first minute…yeah it was THAT uneventful for them!

3. Model Girls – TIGER LILY (ROCK STAR)


Bad singers + too much auto-tune = why I loathed this song…TIGER LILY had no chance to really get anywhere and I just couldn’t get pasy any of it without cringing! 

2. SCANDAL – Cherry Jam (Taiyou Scandalous)


This single would’ve been great if they had not split into two units.  The one I’m talking about is MAMI/TOMOMI because Cherry Jam is a terrible mess and so VERYYYYY uncharacteristic for them both who tried to rap like they were The Beastie Boys.  It was hilariously bad and I couldnt get through it all the way without gagging almost.

1. Berryz Koubou – Momochi! Yurushite Nyan♡Taisou (cha cha SING)


Of course there had to be one that was worse than all the others this year and it’s the lone B-side from “cha cha SING”.  Why Momoko got a solo track is beyond me and what’s worse is that the song is based around her catchphrase which is annoying and very childish (c’mon Momoko, how old are you???).  This was just SOOOO frustrating and annoying to listen to….gawd *fires missile launcher at the song*.



THERE YA GO, NEXT TIME, COVER ARTS the + and the -!!!