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GACKT – WHITE LOVERS -Shiawase na Toki- January 6, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. WHITE LOVERS -Shiawase na Toki-
  3. WHITE LOVERS -Shiawase na Toki- (Instrumental)
  4. ONE MORE KISS (Instrumental)

1. WHITE LOVERS -Shiawase na Toki-

So GACKT release a winter-themed song eh?  WHITE LOVERS kind of finally breaks from his heavy rock songs in place of a rather slower rock track.  Not that I don’t mind this because it sounds refreshing after the last couple of releases not going to lie.  The chorus is a tad weak, but nothing scary to listen to do.  It’s a pretty decent track overall and kind of lies in the better side of the singles of this cureent album era.


I initially thought ONE MORE KISS was GACKT’s take on that YFC track, “LAST KISS” but luckily I was proven wrong.  This song starts out like a ballad, but then quickly moves right into a more energetic rock track befitting of him.  I actually enjoyed this more than “WHITE LOVERS” because the melody is really good and GACKT gave a pretty strong performance.  I prefer this track by a longshot.



It’s getting to the point where GACKT is just going to end up releasing another “RE:BORN” with how many singles he’s released since then.  His winter single, WHITE LOVERS is one of the better singles he’s releasing in recent times with the leading track being a nice, little sentimental tune and ONE MORE KISS being a lot more stronger and memorable of a song.  Good single overall ^^


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