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MAA – Feel It!/Blue (Chikyuu) January 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Feel It!
  2. Blue (Chikyuu)

1. Feel It!

I was curious to what MAA would pull out for her major label debut and Feel It! is an odd track to say the least.  It begins with some chanting which kind of threw me off at first but once that passage ends, the actual song begins and I’m loving the synths along with MAA’s vocals.  The arrangement is a bit edgy, like as if she was going back to “Ghost Enemy”.  It’s not a bad song, but it’s definitely not nearly as great as her last couple of releases.

2. Blue (Chikyuu)

As for the other A-side, MAA took a much more simpler route for Blue.  I have to say that I really like her voice in this track and she seems to pull off ballads exceptionally (remember “Virgin Killer Santa”?).  It’s just a very broad, but simple track from her.



As MAA moves onto a major label (strange, I thought she was on a major label…>.<), Feel It!/Blue (Chikyuu) isn’t exactly her best work and it could be first single blues.  I will say that I liked Blue more than Feel It! because we get to hear a stronger voice in such a way through a ballad while Feel It! is a bit more pop/dance but still nice…but neither really surpass her past works…hopefully her second single under Warner will straighten things up and bring back that random, but awesome work MAA has done in her indies days.  Though one thing that NEEDS to change is the cover art…good lord is that ugly…


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