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ONE OK ROCK – Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps January 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Deeper Deeper
  2. Nothing Helps
  3. Kasabuta

1. Deeper Deeper

I was kind of surprised with the intro for Deeper Deeper because I thought it was going to be a bit sillier, but once the band kicks in, the songs gets edgy and quite epic.  I’m loving Taka in this song as he just brings this raw energy with his vocals and adding out the English he goes through, I’m just really loving it all over.  I even love the synths and filters that are found.  Great song!

2. Nothing Helps

As the theme for the upcoming Devil May Cry game, I was wondering what direction the band would take the song and I was definitely not surprised they kept it high-energy and loud and suits the series quite well.  For being a song entirely sung in English, this was really powerful and is also just as good as “Deeper Deeper” if not more!

3. Kasabuta

I’m not surprised that the actual B-side to the single is a total 180 from the other songs.  As the single’s slow jam, Kasabuta starts off with Taka and acoustic guitar before opening up for the chorus.  It’s a really awesome track as well…I just love Taka’s vulnerability in the track and he just has a great sense emotion for songs like this.  It’s really an amazing song!



Whoa there!  ONE OK ROCK made an amazing single from Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps and to be honest, this is actually surpassing “Re:make/NO SCARED” for favorite single.  The band is really starting to come along really nicely.  With Deeper Deeper, they had fun and really made the song pop with some interesting new ideas.  Nothing Helps is badass and fits the DMC series quite snuggly and Kasabuta is a really well made rock ballad.  *RECOMMENDED* for sure!!!


3 Responses to “ONE OK ROCK – Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps”

  1. Even though I like Re:make better as a song, I think this single is better as a whole. In any case, they’ve really been releasing some awesome stuff lately.

  2. gustave154 Says:

    great song but sucks about the sales… what happened i wonder…

  3. Naru Says:

    This single was such a good surprise, haha. I can’t stop listening to Deeper Deeper and GOD the intro is awesome.

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